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cms rewriting image names, saying broken links and link tab not working properly

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18 September 2007 at 4:58am

I uploaded an image to my image folder through "Files & Images". When I tried to place the image on the site, the image thumbnail did not show up in order to selected it through the cms only the name of the image.png. I tried this anyway but when I published it, it only showed a broken image link and the alt tag.

Using my ftp, I went to the asset/images folder and changed the permissions. This then allowed me to see the image thumbnail through the cms and it did place the image on my page however the cms is saying that I have Broken links on my page and when I look at the html it is linking to my image as follows: assets/image/_resampled/ResizedImage3232-image.png

I dont know where "_resampled" folder came from of "ResizedImage3232-". I didnt resized the image at all.

I went to the "Files & Images" section and selected the image and when I click on the "links" tab it says "This file hasn't been linked to from any pages". I tried to see what other images show up as and the link tab says they are linking to pages but there is only a blank list with no text.


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18 September 2007 at 7:33pm

Was the image that you uploaded particularly large? When you upload a file in the Files and Images section and then use it on your site, it may be scaled automatically. If you resize it again from there, it will create new images in the _resampled directory. The main reason for this is that the GD library in PHP is pretty decent at resizing most images, but using width="x" and height="y" on <img> tags is both bad for the browser (not many browsers resample nicely on the fly) and for the user (takes longer to download, especially when you accidentally upload a 5 MB bitmap image and link that in).

Not sure precisely what your problem is, the broken links note is slightly different from images - it's basically telling you that a link on that page doesn't go anywhere. It can sometimes be wrong - e.g. a site might be down for a few minutes which could cause some confusion etc. I believe either a Save or a Publish re-checks broken links, I'm not sure which though.

HTH lavergara.


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21 September 2007 at 3:50am

The image is small. 32 x 32 pixel PNG image [1.76 KB]. I get the same CMS Error saying I have broken links and it seems to only do it in pages with images in it.

Also in the Files & Images when I select an image and click on the links tab it doesn't list the pages the image is linked to. I just get the following text:

The following pages link to this file:

I'm also still having the same issue with the image that I recently uploaded. I didn't make any changes to the image at all in the CMS. I'm using it as uploaded and it is calling the image from the _resampled folder and giving it a weired name: "assets/image-icon/_resampled/ResizedImage3232-MicIconE.png"

I noticed thru the ftp when I look at other image folders there is a _resampled folder with other images. I dont know where this folder came from. I haven't changed or done anything to the images at all.


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5 November 2007 at 1:29am

I've got exactly the same thing...

-uploaded images ends up in assets/uploads/_resampled
-no "thumbnails" of images when chosing them in "Files&images"
-images can be inserted into CMS...but
-when saving, images does show up on draft site only as "grey borders" and no actual image

Did you find a solution to the problem!?


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5 November 2007 at 3:56am

Edited: 05/11/2007 3:57am

The only workaround I figured was in CMS:
-mark image and open "insert image" to edit the properties
-fill in first "dimesion" field
-put the mousepointer in the second "dimension" field so that it is autocompletes/autoscaled
-now save, and the image will show up in draft site
-picture can be rescaled in the same manner

Have you found another way to solve it?


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30 November 2008 at 2:27am

Edited: 30/11/2008 3:42am

It's over a year after this initiail post, and I'm having the same problem.

- Click the Image icon in the editor tool bar, then select the Uploads folder on the right.
- The images -- all of which were pre-sized to small .jpg files -- are named on the right, but the thumbnails all show broken images.
- When I first added the image to the page, it showed up in the editor, but it was a broken link on the site.
- I can right-click on the image, pop-up the image editor, and remove "_resampled/ResizedImage170170-" from the image link, and then the image appears in the editor. But when I save the page, it puts this text back in the image reference, and the image is broken.

After reading someone else's post on a different thread, I determined that the permissions on _resampled needed to be reset. However, Apache owned _resampled, and I could not change the permissions. So, I renamed this directory and created a new directory named _resampled with open permissions. I then deleted all my images and re-uploaded them. They still were not added to this directory, and the images were still broken. So, I moved them to that directory manually. Still did not work because they had names like logo.jpg instead of ResizedImage170170-logo.jpg.

In the end, I manually renamed all of my images so that they would show up. This cannot be the solution, however.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


UPDATE: I walked away from the computer, came back 10 minutes later, and tried to upload an image again. This time, it uploaded it into the newly created _resampled directory. I assume I was having a caching issue.