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SilverStripe 2.1.0

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2 October 2007 at 4:18pm

SilverStripe 2.1.0 has been released, with support for themes, widgets, a unit testing framework, as well as a large amount of bug fixes.


- Theme support
- Widget support
- Better extension API
- Unit testing framework
- Comment administration section, and comment moderation
- TinyMCE has been updated to
- Drastically improved database build performance
- Support for running SilverStripe in safe mode and under open_basedir restrictions
- Improved spam detection
- More API documentation
- PHP notice fixes
- Added support for __ss_environment.php files
- Use normal authentification rather than basicauth for db/build
- Moved RestfulService from mashups module into sapphire core
- Added BBCodeParser
- Added HasOneComplexTableField, HasManyComplexTableField and ManyManyComplexTableField to manage different kinds of relations
- Fix CSS of profiler pop-up
- Fix specific newsletter bug
- Added sorting, highlighting, formatting to TableListField
- Automatic filesystem backup of POST-data in Form
- Support for right-aligned titles in FormField
- Custom CSS-clases in FormFields by addExtraClass() and removeExtraClass()
- Validation in ComplexTableField_Popup
- Added BankAccountField
- Changed DropdownField.php $emptyString-syntax from '0' to ''
- Better validation in PhoneNumberField
- Validation and RequiredFields for TableField
- Fixed IE6 DOM-parsing bug caused by FormResponse::load_form()
- Triggering previewwrite for 'delete' and 'replace' SQL-actions
- Changed record-insertion in DataObject
- Added DataObjectSet->getRange()
- Added Date::past_date()
- Boolean.php accepts database-default
- Added Varchar->RTF()
- Added Convert::raw2htmlatt(), Convert::raw2mailto()
- Optionally hide backtrace-headers in Debug::message() and Debug::show() (applied in 'showqueries')
- Improved validation in Email::is_valid_address()
- MimeType-fallback for Email (from /etc/mime.types)
- Added Description-field to Group.php
- Added $strict-flag to Permission::check()
- Fixed Permission::get_members_by_permission()
- Implemented showIndicator() and hideIndicator(), Improved statusMessage() to clear manually instead of fixed interval, added hideStatusMessage()
- Added memory_limit to publishall()
- Styling changes in TreeDropdownField, TableListField
- Allow member cms fields to be added by DataObjectDecorators
- Fix many-many component set relation setting
- Added FiledSet::insertAfter()
- Allow classes other than typography to be set on HtmlEditorFields
- Added readonly transforamtion for ImageField
- The Link for a RedirectorPage points to its target
- Add SQL_ prefix in place it was missing in Email
- Added ContentController::project()
- Allow CMS users to limit view/edit access to a page.
- Added a check to make sure record exists before calling hasMethod on it in CheckboxSetField
- Don't show classes user doesn't have permissions to change to in class dropdown
- Fixed bug in DataObject::addStaticVars()
- Check for string 'true' as well as boolean in SiteTree::MetaTags()
- Fix AllNewsletters value not being passed to OptionSetField in SubscribeForm
- Fix reading of Live pages in CMSMain
- Fix double page reading after changing the class
- Fix insert flash
- Fix version regex for release candidates
- Fix delete in Files and Images section
- Fixed saving root folder causes error
- Fixed "non-numeric ID" error that occurs when visiting newsletter section for a newsletter that doesn't exist (caused by session sometimes)
- Added anchors to page comments, and made rss feed link to them
- Show an rss link for page comments on each page
- Fixed MetaTags so it accepts a string or a boolean, which means it will behave correctly in templates
- Improved the encapsulation of ErrorPage publication
- Added ID,ID,ID syntax for populating many-many joins
- Fix redirect back after failing login
- Fixed renaming of .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files
- Added validation to TableField
- Fixed validation of DateField, EmailField and NumericField
- Fix livesite bug for visibility handling difference between PHP5.2.0 and PHP5.1.6
- Changed colouring of db/build to be more appropriate for the actual meaning of the messages
- Added PaddedImage to Image
- Allow passing of an array of permission codes to Permission::get_members_by_permission()
- Refactored newsletter system to put recipient selection and form-fieldset generation into the NewsletterType class, to allow for subclassing NewsletterType to create special system newsletters.
- Fixed redirection from /home/ to /./ in IE6
- Use the homepage as a model for the security base-page, so that things like the current subsite are factored in
- Added Director::redirected_to / Controller::redirectedTo() for redirection-detection
- Added '<% if HasPerm(PERM_CODE() %>' to ViewableData for template
- Sorted permission codes in Permission::get_codes
- Added EDIT_PERMISSIONS permission code for SecurityAdmin
- Added Permission::get_groups_by_permission
- Refactored CMS page-URL accessing to use ->AbsoluteLink(), which can be overridden by defining alternateAbsoluteLink()
- Allow logging in via BasicAuth
- Allow the dev and test servers to be set via Director
- Changes to support gallery module
- Added missing has_many in DataObjectDecorator
- Replace empty strings in SQL queries with NULL
- Fixed CMS sort subpages bug
- Installer changes
- New installer look based on BlackCandy
- Use the new theme system
- Add first and last name fields
- Added ability to set servers that will be in dev mode
- When the posix module isn't present, throw a warning instead of dying
- Warn if PHP version is less that 5.2.0 in support of GoPHP5 (
- Added favicon to installer and default template
- Optional reporting of version information to SilverStripe
- Installer now runs with short tags disabled
- open_basedir and safe mode fixes


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2 October 2007 at 11:01pm

Looks great, however during installation I still got an openbase_dir warning and fatal error on my remote host:

Warning: main() [function.main]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/HTML/HTMLBBCodeParser.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 4

Warning: main(HTML/HTMLBBCodeParser.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 4

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'HTML/HTMLBBCodeParser.php' (include_path='.::/var/www/vhosts/') in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 4


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2 October 2007 at 11:10pm

I fixed this by editing the first two lines in the BBCodeParse.php-file:

/*Seting up the PEAR bbcode parser*/  
$config = parse_ini_file($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/silver/sapphire/parsers/BBCodeParser.ini', true);

Probably my hosting's fault that created the mess, but I hope there won't be too many files that need these changes.