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MSSQL Query Error

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Community Member, 7 Posts

19 July 2016 at 2:41pm


I've recently installed this blog module onto a project I'm working on which uses MSSQL as the database. After created the Blog page I get a DB error:

SELECT DISTINCT TOP 15 "PublishDate" IS NULL AS "_SortColumn0", "SiteTree"."ClassName", "SiteTree"."LastEdited", "SiteTree"."Created", "SiteTree"."URLSegment", "SiteTree"."Title", "SiteTree"."MenuTitle", "SiteTree"."Content", "SiteTree"."MetaDescription", "SiteTree"."ExtraMeta", "SiteTree"."ShowInMenus", "SiteTree"."ShowInSearch", "SiteTree"."Sort", "SiteTree"."HasBrokenFile", "SiteTree"."HasBrokenLink", "SiteTree"."ReportClass", "SiteTree"."CanViewType", "SiteTree"."CanEditType", "SiteTree"."Locale", "SiteTree"."DesiredPublishDate", "SiteTree"."DesiredUnPublishDate", "SiteTree"."PublishOnDate", "SiteTree"."UnPublishOnDate", "SiteTree"."ProvideComments", "SiteTree"."ModerationRequired", "SiteTree"."CommentsRequireLogin", "SiteTree"."InheritSideBar", "SiteTree"."PublicHistory", "SiteTree"."ShareTokenSalt", "SiteTree"."ContentReviewType", "SiteTree"."ReviewPeriodDays", "SiteTree"."NextReviewDate", "SiteTree"."LastEditedByName", "SiteTree"."OwnerNames", "SiteTree"."Version", "SiteTree"."SubsiteID", "SiteTree"."PublishJobID", "SiteTree"."UnPublishJobID", "SiteTree"."WorkflowDefinitionID", "SiteTree"."SideBarID", "SiteTree"."ParentID", "BlogPost"."PublishDate", "BlogPost"."AuthorNames", "BlogPost"."Summary", "BlogPost"."FeaturedImageID", "SiteTree"."ID", CASE WHEN "SiteTree"."ClassName" IS NOT NULL THEN "SiteTree"."ClassName" ELSE N'SiteTree' END AS "RecordClassName" FROM "SiteTree" LEFT JOIN "BlogPost" ON "BlogPost"."ID" = "SiteTree"."ID" WHERE ("SiteTree"."ParentID" = ?) AND ("SiteTree"."ClassName" IN (?, ?)) AND ("SiteTree"."ClassName" IN (?, ?)) AND ("SiteTree"."SubsiteID" IN (0)) AND ("SiteTree"."Locale" = 'en_NZ') ORDER BY "_SortColumn0" DESC, "PublishDate" DESC 42000, 156

The syntax generated isn't correct but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any issues with running this module on MS SQL, I am using the CWP recipe as well.