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Customising the CMS /

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4 January 2010 at 11:28pm

Well me and the development team at my company, love the silver stripe CMS, and we are hoping to be able to use it in a new project we are pushing forward with.

If any one hear has ever heard of "FreeWebs (now" or any other site that offers free hosting and site design, we are aiming at something along the lines of that, but focused at one specific group, gamers, clans to be more accurate.

So we have pretty much every thing set up, when it hits us, "Umm, Angelo I think we (dev team) might of overlooked something. Our target is gamers, and most gamers know how to game, not code HTML" so after an awkward silence of every one thing "Oops", or something a little more colorful, we end up, now planing to use a CMS. But ahh which CMS to use, there are so many, it had to be open source, so we came to silver stripe, I have personally used it in the past and enjoy using it very much.

So any way, here is what we are hoping we can get your CMS to do without changing to much of it.

1. Have a bar at the top of the page (or any other type of add really..) that the users, who will be editing the page, can't move, edit, delete, etc.

2. Have an integrated library of the CMS's themes

3. On-Site "Chat", Forums (I know u have this), blog (pretty sure you have this), Event Calender, Photo Gallery, Video Uploading, Public File Downloading.

4. Shopping Cart

5. Classifieds System (Like CraigsList)

Can Silver Stripe do all of these features? or at least most of them?

Out of the box or would it require us to get our hands dirty?

and last but not least, if any one is interested in helping in this project, feel free to pm or email me.

Thank you for takeing the time to read that long post,

Angelo P.
xFi International


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5 January 2010 at 12:09am

Sorry to post again so quickly, but I went through all of the extensions, modules, templates, etc, and came up with the following list, now is it possible to have multiple templates installed on the website, to allow easy user switching?

Themes for SilverStripe


Thank you again,
Angelo P.


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5 January 2010 at 1:32am


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4 April 2011 at 4:30pm

Not to dig up a retired thread, but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with a small issue i'm having with the front end theme switcher tutorial. I guess the question i have is: is there a specific spot that i should be inserting the $themeSwitcher call for the templates? Right now i'm putting it at the end of the files for each template.

The issue that comes up is that i can see the dropdown box at the beginning of the session, and the second i switch it the page turns purely to the home page, without the menu bar/sidebars/ looks as if all i end up is the $Content. Anyone else have any issues like that?

Is it possible that the write up (being that it was written some time ago) is having issues with the version of Silverstripe i'm using (v2.4.5)?