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Add tab to Page via module

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7 April 2014 at 8:17am

Edited: 07/04/2014 12:33pm


I'm trying to create a standalone module that will add a new tab to the standard Page type page in the CMS.

This was easy enough to do using a DataExtension but then whenever I tried to add a dataobject to that dataextension via the gridfield I was getting "canView()[..]" errors.

So I back tracked and in my module created a file named Page and added the code I wanted in there and that worked fine with the exception that when I created another module using the same method, the CMS would only show the first module and not the second.

Whats the best approach here? Should I be using a DataExtesion and figuring out what I can't attach objects to it? Or should I be figuring out why having two modules with both the class Page override the last loaded?


class QuestionAnswer extends DataExtension
    private static $db = array(
        'TestTextField' => 'Varchar(3)',

    private static $has_many = array(
        'FAQ' => 'FAQ'

    public function updateCMSFields(FieldList $fields)
        $fields->addFieldsToTab('Root.QuestionsAndAnswers', array(
            GridField::create('FAQ', 'Questions and Answers', FAQ::get(), GridFieldConfig_RecordEditor::create())

class FAQ extends DataObject
    private static $db = array(
        'Title' => 'Varchar(155)',
        'Answer' => 'HTMLText',
        'SortOrder' => 'Int'

    private static $has_one = array(
        'QuestionAnswer' => 'QuestionAnswer'

This technically works, but obviously returns all the FAQ objects, rather than just the ones you'd expect. Can someone explain how to resolve this? Using..

   GridField::create('FAQ', 'Questions and Answers', $this->FAQ(), GridFieldConfig_RecordEditor::create())

Just returns a white screen (even when in dev, with php debugging enabled) so I'm a little lost.

edit again:

I've solved it by making the dataobject FAQ belong to Page and then referencing $this->owner->FAQ() on the gridfield. This feels really dirty and hackery... Is there a better solution?


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7 April 2014 at 4:16pm

'QuestionAnswer' you cannot link a relation to this object. The extension is on Page correct? so you should link the relation to 'Page'.