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Members, DataObjectDecorate and ManyManyComplexTableField question

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8 August 2009 at 3:10am

Edited: 08/08/2009 3:11am

My that was a mouthful of a title :)

I'm building a website for a company and the user who log in are Reps. Not seeing the need to reinvent the window I'm extending the Member object using the code below.

Reps have a many-to-many relationship with branches. The relationship works, and if I edit a branch I can select as many reps as I need. But... I cannot get a 'Branches' tab to show up when editing a Rep (by going to 'Security' then choosing the 'Reps' group, then editing a user account)!

I'm certain this is possible and I must be doing something wrong. The error is:

ERROR [Warning]: Can't figure out the data class of Member
IN GET /admin/security/EditForm/field/Members/item/2/edit?ajax=1
Line 32 in /var/www/navs/htdocs/sapphire/forms/HasManyComplexTableField.php

and I'm not sure what a data class is - a page? A controller?

// Based off the forum module & wiki documentation
class RepsRole extends DataObjectDecorator {

  function extraStatics() {
    return $fields;

  function updateCMSFields(FieldSet &$fields) {
    $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main',new TextField("BeneficiaryNumber", "Beneficiary Number"), "Email");
    $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main',new TextField("Website", "Website URL"), "Email");

    $modulesTablefield = new ManyManyComplexTableField(
    'FirstName' => 'FirstName'
    $modulesTablefield->setAddTitle( 'A Rep' );

    $fields->addFieldToTab( 'Root.Branches', $modulesTablefield );

Any help would be much appreciated.


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8 August 2009 at 3:22am

I got a bit further:

If I changed 'Member' for $this->owner in the new ManyManyComplexTableField( definition, the error becomes:

ERROR [User Error]: Couldn't run query: 
SELECT `SiteTree`.*, `SiteTree`.ID, if(`SiteTree`.ClassName,`SiteTree`.ClassName,'SiteTree') AS RecordClassName, `FirstName`, IF(`MemberID` IS NULL, '0', '1') AS Checked
FROM `SiteTree` 
LEFT JOIN `BranchPage_RepsBranches` ON (`SiteTree`.`ID` = `BranchPageID` AND `MemberID` = '2')
WHERE (`SiteTree`.ClassName IN ('BranchPage'))
GROUP BY `SiteTree`.ID
LIMIT 0,10 

Table 'navs.BranchPage_RepsBranches' doesn't exist
IN GET /admin/security/EditForm/field/Members/item/2/edit?ajax=1
Line 401 in /var/www/navs/htdocs/sapphire/core/model/MySQLDatabase.php

Which is not surprising as the table is named BranchPage_Reps.

Changing my definition to:

    $modulesTablefield = new ManyManyComplexTableField(
    'FirstName' => 'FirstName'

Results in the error becoming

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate abstract class Object in /var/www/navs/htdocs/sapphire/core/Object.php on line 115

Somewhere I'm going wrong big-time in my naming, but I'm not sure where?


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22 November 2011 at 12:34am

Yep, I've got this exact same problem - anyone got an answer?


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5 April 2012 at 11:12am

Did anyone find an answer to this? I'm having this same situation and can't fix it.