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Easy Google Maps 'Plugin' for Silverstripe

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24 December 2009 at 7:18am

Hi Eric,

Not sure what the problem could be. Where does the error come from? Script? PHP? SilverStripe?

I guess I can only advice to carefully follow the steps outlined in the readme file. A common problem seems to be that people miss the fact that you have to put your API key in 2 (!!) places in the code.

Please let me know.


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26 December 2009 at 7:06am

Hey mike, thanks for the reply.

I guess I am just having trouble unzipping the files. I have not attempted to solve this problem since I first wrote. I am sure it is just user error. I will post again once I make it work.

Merry Christmas!


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19 May 2010 at 12:33am

Edited: 19/05/2010 12:35am

Hi Mike,

I wanted to apply your google maps module to Silverstripe 2.4. The main issue was that 2.4 no longer uses jsparty (see : which basically meant that the file structure of the installation needed to be updated.

I hope you dont' mind but I have rewritten the first part of the installation file readme.rtf file below for anyone out there who also wants to use this fantastic little gem of a module.

To install for silverstripe 2.4 use the following steps:

- Copy the 'googlemapsjs' folder to the '/sapphire/thirdparty/' directory
- Copy the 'googlemaps' folder to '/sapphire/thirdparty/tinymce/plugins' directory
- Open your 'mysite/_config.php' and add the following block:

// Enable Google Maps in the CMS
// Enter you Google Mans API key here 
$GMap_api_key = "API_KEY_HERE";
HtmlEditorConfig::get('cms')->insertButtonsAfter('tablecontrols', 'googlemaps');

// End Google Maps stuff

Open gmapsapp.js now located in 'sapphire/thirdparty/googlemapsjs/gmapsapp.js'

and update the var scriptURL from

var scriptURL = 'jsparty/googlemapsjs/gmapsapp.js';


var scriptURL = 'sapphire/thirdparty/googlemapsjs/gmapsapp.js';

See the rest of the readme.rtf for final instructions and creating a Google Maps API key.



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19 May 2010 at 1:47am

Hey kiwiot,

Brilliant. Thanks!

I haven't had a chance yet to look at 2.4 but I will do soon!



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16 July 2010 at 8:45pm


First plugin ive actually managed to get working!
Works a treat on 2.4
Great work mate, loving it!


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5 November 2010 at 9:38am

Edited: 05/11/2010 10:31am

/thirdparty/tinymce/plugins/googlemaps/googlemaps.php = /thirdparty/tinymce/plugins/googlemaps/googlemaps.html

You need to edit the html file so that the php code is removed and your google maps API key is added throughout the file.

<?php $GMap_api_key = "API_KEY_HERE" ?>

<?php echo $GMap_api_key?> //and
<?php echo $GMap_api_key ?> //note the extra space that you might miss with search and replace

//With your actual google maps API key

Lastly, if you want to hide your API key from the CMS user you can hide the API key field in:

<fieldset style="margin-top:10px;">
<div style="padding:4px">API KEY HIDDEN<input id="akey" readonly="readonly" name="akey" type="hidden" value="YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" class="text" style="width:570px" /></div>

And finally you have to open /thirdparty/tinymce/plugins/googlemaps/editor_plugin_src.js and change
(located at line 17)
file : url + '/googlemaps.php', becomes file : url + '/googlemaps.html',
Otherwise it will continue to look for the php file that no longer exists


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31 May 2011 at 4:59pm

Edited: 29/06/2011 8:14pm

Hi - downloaded the Version 3 beta and installed, added API to config.php and did /Dev/Build - no extra button in CMS toolbox. Any ideas as to where I went wrong? Thanks in advance...

<later> Always pays to read back over the thread. I'm using SilverStripe 2.4 which no longer has 'jsparty'... so I've updated the relevant paths as Kiwiot mentioned above. So I have my 'Maps' tool in Sapphire, I can enter the street address and produce a map in the CMS that can be inserted on the page... so now all I need to do is work out why I get a gray square on the page... </later>

Re-read Kiwiot's instructions... missed the following updated line in the gmapsapp.js file:

var scriptURL = sapphire/thirdparty/googlemapsjs/gmapsapp.js

Actually the original line wasn't even there... so I simply added this line of code. All sorted now thanks!


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12 September 2011 at 12:51am

Edited: 21/10/2011 11:59am

var scriptURL = 'jsparty/googlemapsjs/gmapsapp.js';

This line needs to be changed/updated in the file mapsloader.js


var scriptURL = 'sapphire/thirdparty/googlemapsjs/gmapsapp.js';

Thanks for this nice module, it should be mentioned in the modules section.

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