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Control Dataobjects from other Page Types

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3 December 2009 at 5:33am

Edited: 03/12/2009 5:34am


hopefully this is the right place for my Issue.

My plan is to show a Page on a Page. ^^ Let me explain.

On many "normal" Pages i would like to have a complete form ( like a Page from type : UserDefinedForm ), lets say left from the normal displayed page. Or Maybe a Imagegallery or or or.

My first thought was, hm lets make something like

        	<% control Page(herecouldstandyourpagename) %>
            	         $Content (... $Form,$UserdefinedForm...)       
                <% end_control %>

went through the code and found in UserDefinedForm.php at public function index

$content = str_ireplace('$UserDefinedForm', $form->forTemplate(), $this->Content);
				return array(
					'Content' => $content,
					'Form' => ""

made then a function in page.php, got the wanted dataobject byid and hoped ... of course he coundnt handle it (like $this->Form (made short view in function form and and and)

k, lets make the template-function yourself, but when i viewed the dataobject like print_r(Dataobject::get_by_id("Page",ID)); in page.php, i realized that i dont get the data for the form. Viewed in the UserDefinedForm page (print_r($this))i have seen then my Form Object with its EditableFields in [_object_cache:protected] array ... also not really know how do handle this.

Searched and found a similar task with imagegallery , but as i understand it, the big difference is, that i cant access the data ( what would be the $ThumbnailURL for the imagegallery more or less).

Sure, a simple form somewhere to make isnt a problem. But not only that Userform has nice features, i would have all my forms in one place. It would be really awesome if it would be easy to control the $content-data from another page type in another,somehow.... .

I hope, its clear what i wish.

Anyone has a Solution/Idea/Hints ?
First of all simple solutions will be favoured :)