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inner join not rendering data

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Optic Blaze

Community Member, 190 Posts

3 March 2016 at 2:34am

Edited: 03/03/2016 2:38am

Hi there, I have 2 x objects. Player & Team and a page type called PlayerStatsPage where I want to show the scorers stats of each player. Included in the stats I want the team name. I cant seem to get the team name to render in my template. Please help

 class Player extends DataObject {
static $db = array(
	'DateJoined'=> 'Date',
	private static $has_one = array(
    'TeamJoin' => 'Team',

	// Build database coliumns
	static $db = array(
	// Set up relationships
	private static $has_many = array(
    'PlayerJoin' => 'Player',

class PlayerStatsPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

	private static $allowed_actions = array (

	public function init(){
	// Function that creates player stats
	function playerstats() {	

	$players = Player::get()
	->innerJoin("Team", "\"Player\".\"TeamJoinID\" = \"Team\".\"ID\"")
    'DateJoined:StartsWith' => $this->Year
		$playerlist = new ArrayList();
		foreach($players as $item) {
		//Declare variables and do calculations on them
		$playername = $item->PlayerName;
		$team = $item->TeamJoin[TeamName];
		$tries = $item->Tries;
		$conversions = $item->Conversions;
		$penalties = $item->Penalties;
		$dropgoals = $item->DropGoals;
		//Build new array with calculated data
			new ArrayData(array(
			'Player' => $playername,
			'Team' => $team,
			'Tries' => $tries,
			'Conversions' => $conversions,
			'Penalties' => $penalties ,
			'DropGoal' =>$dropgoals ,
			'Total' => ($tries*5)+($conversions*2)+($penalties*3)+($dropgoals*3)
		return $playerlist;

As you can see, i want to pull the team name data into the custom array, but when i try and render the data on my .ss template, nothing shows. Am i doing the join incorrectly or should i be doing something else.