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update just one field of a DataObject

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19 March 2011 at 4:09am


I have a form where a Breeder can add a Dog to the Database. In the form there is a Dropdownfield where they can choose an other dog that would be the kid of the new dog. Like Newdog is FatherOf....

Now i've come a long way ( in my opinion) but i have no idea how to update just one field in a record.

			$dogStep = $this->getSavedStepByClass('DogDetailStep');
			// Create the new Dog		
					$dog = new Dog();
					$dog->BreederID 	= $dog->BreederID;
			// New Dog is in Database
			// I need the ID of the just created Dog
					$thisdog = $dog->PedigreeName;
					$newDog = DataObject::get_one('Dog', "PedigreeName = '$thisdog'");
					$assignkidID = $dog->FatherOfID; 
			//FatherOfID is a field from the form where i choose which Dog is the kid.
					$kid = DataObject::get_one('Dog', "ID = '$assignkidID'");
			//So now i have the kid that i choose in the form.

			//Now i have to fill the field $kid->MyFatherID with $newDog->ID

And that is where i'm lost. I've tryed
but then it overwrites the whole dog with the new one, so i need to update just that one field MyFatherID.


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19 March 2011 at 4:32am

Stupid me :(

I have to set the field first, and then it doesn't mather that it writes everything back, it's the same dog........duh

$kid->MyFatherID = $newDog->ID;