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write() - Method on Field of Subclass of $has_many - DataObject

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17 December 2011 at 5:41am


i got that following setup:

Page-Class width 2 $has_many relations, to: lets say "Customer"- and "CustomerPremium"- DataObjects.
My CustomerPremuim - Class is a direct Subclass of Customer.

Now i want an db-write - operation (update a Field) on each related CustomerPremium DataObject in that onAfterWrite() - Method on the Page-Class.

If i target the Parent-Class "Customer" with "$this->Customer()" the write() Method works, but not on the Subclass.
Even since the Subclass has its own $has_many relation in Page.

Any Idea why is that? :(

if i print out the result of the iteration i get my regular DataObjects in any case. So i'm wondering that i cant write to it just because
its an Subclass.

my code is:
class Page extends .... {

$has_many {
"Customers" => "Customer",
"CustomersPremium" => "CustomerPremium"

function onAfterWrite(){
foreach($this->CustomerPremium() as $i) {
$i->Format = "482 x 288";





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19 December 2011 at 3:58am

Ok, my Problem seems to be solved.
After min. 5 Hours walking down the wrong way I figured out that my Eventhandler onAfterWrite has to be changed in onBeforeWrite...