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Filter Model Admin to only show certain records

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Optic Blaze

Community Member, 190 Posts

10 January 2014 at 4:06am


I have extended the Member Class so that i can have a group called mymembers.
I am making use of Model Admin and setting up permissions so that non-admins can view the info, but cant change it.
How do i filter the Model Admin to display on the group called 'mymembers' and not show all other members and all other users?

At the moment i have this:

class MemberAdmin extends ModelAdmin {
static $managed_models = array('Member');
static $url_segment = 'memberadmin';
static $menu_title = 'Member Admin';

// Set Fields for export
public function getExportFields() {
return array(
'FirstName' => 'FirstName',
'Surname' => 'Surname',
'CompanyName' => 'CompanyName',
'CompanyTel' => 'CompanyTel',
'CompanyFax'=> 'CompanyFax',
'CompanyAddress'=> 'CompanyAddress',
'CompanyEmail'=> 'CompanyEmail',
'CompanyWebsite'=> 'CompanyWebsite',
'CompanyCEO'=> 'CompanyCEO',
'IndustryGroup'=> 'IndustryGroup',
'NumberEmployees'=> 'NumberEmployees',
'Newsletter'=> 'Newsletter',
'Sectors'=> 'Sectors'



Forum Moderator, 1899 Posts

10 January 2014 at 6:45am


Probably not the best and certainly this code isn't tested, but hope this helps...

class MemberAdmin extends ModelAdmin {
	static $collection_controller_class = "MemberAdmin_CollectionController";

class MemberAdmin_CollectionController extends ModelAdmin_CollectionController {

	function modifySearchQuery($query,$searchCriteria){

		if ($this->modelClass == 'Member'){
			//do some complex joinging sql here
			$query->where[] = '
				EXISTS (
					SELECT 1
					FROM Group_Members g_m, Group g
					WHERE g_m.MemberID = Member.ID
						AND g.ID = g_m.GroupID
						AND g.Title = 'mymembers'

		return $query;


Forum Moderator, 1391 Posts

10 January 2014 at 7:04am

I'm not sure if one should use the SearchContext in some way - because the actua DataList before filtering is retreived in SearchContext::getResult()... But it looks awfully complex. II suppose you could filter the list afterwards by doing something like this in your modeladmin:

	public function getList() {
		$list = parent::getList();                         //<-- takes care of custom filters, but gets all members
		if ($this->modelClass == 'Member') {
			$list = $list
				->innerjoin('Group_Members', 'Member.ID = Group_Members.MemberID')
				->innerjoin('Group', 'Group_Members.GroupID = Group.ID')
				->where("Group.Code = 'content-authors'");
		return $list;

You'd still have to make very very sure that an administrator isn't also a mymember, because that would be exposed as well... Tricky...

Optic Blaze

Community Member, 190 Posts

10 January 2014 at 9:14pm

Thanks swabia & martimiz that worked really well.
I am not too concerned regarding the admins because they are not going to be part of the group.


Community Member, 5 Posts

14 November 2016 at 12:54pm

Edited: 14/11/2016 1:23pm

As an alternative to martimiz's construction of the list, one could use:

$list = $list->filter(array('Groups.Code' => 'content-authors'));

which is possible since Member has a $belongs_many_many relation called Groups of type Group, and, Group has a property called Code.

You could add more filter criteria:

$list = $list->filter(array('Groups.Code' => 'administrators', 'FirstName'=>'David'));

Also, you can simplify if only using one criterion:

$list = $list->filter('Groups.Code','content-authors');