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Issue with DataObject:get and ParentID

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Chris Rae

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16 January 2009 at 4:47pm

Edited: 16/01/2009 4:48pm

Hey folks!

I found a great code snippet here written by Sam which I have pinched and am trying to modify slightly:

Here's what I'm doing with it:

$url = $this->ParentURLSegment;
$parent = DataObject::get_one('SiteTree', "`URLSegment` = '$url'");
return DataObject::get("SiteTree", "ParentID = $parent->ID", "", "", "3");

$url is a Varchar and I set it in the CMS in a text field, it has a default value of "home".

The problem is that when I use $url to define my URLSegment, I have a strange issue with ParentID:
Silverstripe tries to execute SQL queries containing this:
WHERE (ParentID = )
i.e the ParentID is nothing.

I can echo $url and check it in the database itself, and it is the URLSegment I want it to be (home).

When I use a straight string instead of $url - it works perfectly!

$url = $this->ParentURLSegment;
$parent = DataObject::get_one('SiteTree', "`URLSegment` = 'home'");
return DataObject::get("SiteTree", "ParentID = $parent->ID", "", "", "3");

When the code gets to:

return DataObject::get("SiteTree", "ParentID = $parent->ID", "", "", "3");

Using $url $parent->ID is nothing (EG WHERE (ParentID = )

Using "home" $parent->ID is correct (EG WHERE (ParentID = 3124)

I hope that is clear enough, its driving me up the wall! :)

I'm very happy to provide any additional information.

Thanks guys, I appreciate any help.

Chris Rae

Community Member, 17 Posts

18 January 2009 at 12:28pm

There was nothing wrong with the code, it fixed itself after a reboot..

I have another issue though :D

$items isn't an object? (I thought DataObject::get returns a DataObjectSet?)

$parent = DataObject::get_one('SiteTree', "`URLSegment` = '$url'");
$items = DataObject::get("SiteTree", "ParentID = $parent->ID", "", "", "4");

Whenever I try to apply any method applicable to a DataObjectSet ($items->First, ->Last(), ->Count() etc etc) I get a:
Call to a member function toArray() on a non-object error.

By assigning my get to $items - what have I done that was so bad?

I can't do this either: (I was trying to get around having to assign the returned data to a var)
DataObject::get("SiteTree", "ParentID = $parent->ID", "", "", "4")->Count();

Any takers?

Thanks guys

Chris Rae

Community Member, 17 Posts

18 January 2009 at 2:09pm

aj sorted my ridiculous questions out via IRC, much appreciated, sorry for the bother ;)


Community Member, 173 Posts

25 February 2010 at 5:00am

hi chrisrae,

can you please explain how you solved the DataObject::get toArray() problem?