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Moving page structures in the CMS Admin and Children listings

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22 February 2009 at 2:00pm

I have a structure like the following:

OutfitHolder has OutfitPage children
OutfitHolderPrevious has OutfitPage children
and also...
RangeHolder has OutfitHolderPrevious children

These are relationships defined through the $allow_children variable. OutfitHolder and OutfitHolderPrevious are identical in substance. There should be only one OutfitHolder at once on the site, and multiple OutfitHolderPrevious instances - RangeHolder is the "container" for these.

In the process of maintaining the site, there will be times where I need to change the OutfitHolder into a OutfitHolderPrevious by changing the page type in the CMS Admin area. And then I will create a new OutfitHolder type.

The problem is, when I change the page type to OutfitHolderPrevious this particular instance isn't listed as a child of RangeHolder (e.g. when using the <% control Children %> code). Is it true that this instance of OutfitHolderPrevious actually needs to be physically beneath the instance of RangeHolder in the CMS Admin area hierarchy/site structure?

If this is true, then I have the problem that I am unable to drag-and-drop items which have child members, which this instance has (the OutfitPage instances).

So how can I move a page in the CMS admin area that has children? Or is there another way around this issue so I can make my newly changed OutfitHolderPrevious instance show up in the Children control output?

Thanks in advance!


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25 February 2009 at 5:30pm

No one can help me out here? :)

I'm a bit lost still after more thinking about how to do this type of thing


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25 February 2009 at 8:11pm

I'm a little bit confused as to what the problem is... yes, any page must be a direct descendant of another page for it to appear in a <%control Children %> block.

What I don't understand is this: how come the page you have changed from OutfitHodler to OutfitHolderPrevious has moved to a different parent? That should not happen when you save it.

Perhaps a screen shot would help, showing your site structure and what you're doing.


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25 February 2009 at 9:55pm

Yeah it's complex to explain! I'm not sure if screenshots will help so I'll address your questions...

When I change the page type from OutfitHolder to OutfitHolderPrevious the page does not move to a different parent (i.e. does not move in the site hierarchy).

However, I do need to move it! I need to put it under the page of type RangeHolder so it displays as a child using the control Children block.

However I can't drag and drop it because it has children of it's own (I'm assuming this is the reason why it won't let me drag and drop).

This is clearer? :)

One possible way around this, although not ideal for the situation, would be to use a control which just lists all the pages of OutfitHolderPrevious type. Such a control exists correct?


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26 February 2009 at 7:46pm

OK my issue is resolved with the move to 2.3.0 final. Must have been a bug in RC2 preventing me from draging/droping pages with children.