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when Translatable enabled, JS error in CMS

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22 September 2009 at 1:56am

when i enable Translatable in _config.php, and login to admin, a JS error shows up when i select any page in sitetree of CMS.

Im trying to add translations to all pages, and then add a language switcher to the theme and im stuck at the very beginning.

I would really appreciate if somebody could give me a hand as i want to allow my client start adding tri-lingual content to his website (polish ,english, german)


Below is the error:

ERROR [Notice]: Object of class Panel could not be converted to int
IN POST /ztm/admin/getitem?ID=15&locale=pl_PL&ajax=1
Line 22 in /home/2eur/www/ztm/sapphire/forms/LanguageDropdownField.php

  13:  	 * @param string $title
  14:  	 * @param array $excludeLocales List of locales that won't be included
  15:  	 * @param string $translatingClass Name of the class with translated instances where to look for
       used languages
  16:  	 * @param string $list Indicates the source language list. Can be either Common-English,
       Common-Native, Locale-English, Locale-Native
  17:  	 */
  18:  	function __construct($name, $title, $excludeLocales = array(), $translatingClass = 'SiteTree',
       $list = 'Common-English', $instance = null) {
  19:  		$usedLocalesWithTitle = Translatable::get_existing_content_languages($translatingClass);
  20:  		$usedLocalesWithTitle = array_diff_key($usedLocalesWithTitle, $excludeLocales);
* 22:  		if('Common-English' == $list) $allLocalesWithTitle = i18n::get_common_languages();
  23:  		else if('Common-Native' == $list) $allLocalesWithTitle = i18n::get_common_languages(true);
  24:  		else if('Locale-English' == $list) $allLocalesWithTitle = i18n::get_common_locales();
  25:  		else if('Locale-Native' == $list) $allLocalesWithTitle = i18n::get_common_locales(true);
  26:  		else $allLocalesWithTitle = i18n::get_locale_list();
  28:  		if(isset($allLocales[Translatable::default_locale()]))

<ul>LanguageDropdownField->__construct(NewTransLang,Nowy język,Array,SiteTree,Object id #50)
line 879 of Translatable.php

Translatable->updateCMSFields(Object id #47,,,,,,)
line 741 of Object.php

Object->extend(updateCMSFields,Object id #47)
line 1328 of SiteTree.php

SiteTree->getCMSFields(Object id #17)
line 390 of CMSMain.php

line 925 of LeftAndMain.php

line 380 of LeftAndMain.php

LeftAndMain->getitem(Object id #15)
line 162 of Controller.php

Controller->handleAction(Object id #15)
line 129 of RequestHandler.php

RequestHandler->handleRequest(Object id #15)
line 122 of Controller.php

Controller->handleRequest(Object id #15)
line 277 of Director.php

Director::handleRequest(Object id #15,Session)
line 121 of Director.php

line 118 of main.php



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26 September 2009 at 12:26am

on irc simon helped me to provide a temporary solution to get rid of this JS error.

Steps required:
- edit sapphire/core/model/Translatable.php
- in line 873, after 'SiteTree', add 'Common-Native',

with quote and comma being imporant.

This should make the error dissapear.