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DOM on the frontend

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17 September 2010 at 2:47am

I have seen a few threads on the forum about this topic, but the best suggestion I found for displaying data objects on the front end was to follow this:
However, this does not work with 2.4.

Has there been any progress implementing DOM on the frontend? For my purposes, I don't need (or want) the ability to add new data objects from the front end, but I like that the table can be sorted by column at the users will, it can be searched, and that it displays nicely in a popup when an object is clicked.



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18 September 2010 at 1:55am

Edited: 18/09/2010 2:07am

Instead of a DOM-like dynamic table, I have just setup my template to display each data object in a regular table (one per row). What I would like to do now is open a popup to display the full details for the data object when the row is clicked. Can I somehow make use of some inbuilt DOM features to accomplish this, or will I have to start from scratch? Either way, I'd appreciate some suggestions for the best way approach this (advice/tutorials/forumthreads etc?)... I don't have a lot of experience with dynamic web content.


Edit: think I understand well enough how to get the right content for the right data object. Im more concerned about how to get the popup working.


Community Member, 33 Posts

10 December 2011 at 6:13pm

I'm looking for same functionality. Forms in CMS and in front for filling in some info OK.
But what I want in front is the information edited in tabular form (OK) bu I also want that visitor can click with mouse
on certain row => rowID is identified to be able to use the SS form mechanism => row data shows in a popup for edit and then save back => updated information shows immediately in tabular data in frontend.


Community Member, 15 Posts

20 December 2011 at 12:48am


You can use the DOM in frontend by calling the following method:

public function showFrontEndDOM() {
  $tableField = new DataObjectManager(
  	$controller = $this,
       	$name = 'ObjectName',
       	$sourceClass = 'ObjectName',
	$fieldList = array(
		'ObjectVar' => 'TitleInDOM',
		'ObjectVar' => 'TitleInDOM'
       	$callThisFunctionForPopupFields = 'getPopupFields',// function in Object
	$sourceFilter = '',
	$sort = ''
  $fields = new FieldSet(
	new HiddenField('ID', ''),
  $actions = new FieldSet(); 
  return new Form($this, 'showFrontEndDOM', $fields,$actions);	

With tableField->setPermissions(); whitin the method you can set the allowed actions like add, remove, delete and show.

I hope this will helps.


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31 March 2012 at 12:26am

Hmmmm I have it almost working. Well I can add objects via the frontend DOM now, but I cant figure out the relationships.

here's my code:

	function RatesForm(){
	$Apartment = $this->getApartment();	
	$Manager = new DataObjectManager( 
		array('dateStart' => 'dateStart'),
		'ApartmentID = ' . $Apartment->ID 

	$Manager->setPermissions(array("show","edit", "add"));	
	$fields = new FieldSet(  
	if($Apartment)	{
	$fields->push(new HiddenField('ID','ID',$Apartment->ID));
	return new Form($this->dataRecord, 'RatesForm', $fields, new FieldSet());

So that lists all the rates related to this apartment fine, but I can't edit them, clicking them throws up this error: [Notice] Trying to get property of non-object which is because I have the filter in there based on a $this request for apartment. as soon as you click the dataObject the URL changes and as a result there's no apartment to get an ID from.
As you can see I've put the Apartment ID into the form with a hidden field, but I can't figure out how to pass that to the DOM pop up.... if I take out the filter I can add/edit rates fine, but I need to make sure the user only see's the rates related to this apartment. I hope that makes sense!

can anybody shed any light on this?

P.S - my pop up still doesn't work either, it just opens a new page with the form fields, but I assume that can be fixed later, the pop up doesn't matter to the actual functionality, right?