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SWFUpload not processing

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9 December 2010 at 1:37pm

Hi all, sorry if this has been covered before.
I haven't encountered this issue, it's like there are wrong file permissions on the Uploads folder. Working on a dev site with WAMP.
Fresh install of SS 2.4.2 and downloaded latest DOM and SWFUpload. Go to upload a jpg and all appears fine except the image doesn't get saved and the progress bar sits on Processing.

SWF DEBUG: ReturnUploadStart(): File accepted by startUpload event and readied for upload. Starting upload to for File ID: SWFUpload_0_0
SWF DEBUG: Event: uploadProgress (OPEN): File ID: SWFUpload_0_0
SWF DEBUG: Event: uploadProgress: File ID: SWFUpload_0_0. Bytes: 17639. Total: 17639

It doesn't get past that last line. Do I need to use uploadify as well? I'm sure I've used these two modules recently without issue....


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9 December 2010 at 5:08pm

SWFUpload has been deprecated in favor of Uploadify.

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9 December 2010 at 8:06pm

Ahh that explaines it, thanks UC


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17 December 2010 at 10:33pm

Edited: 17/12/2010 10:34pm


i'm having the same issue (swfupload AND uploadify - same issue).
Progress bar is showing 100% - but that's all.

I tried to get in contact using your leftandmain contact form, if paid support would be possible.
Maybe you could take a closer look, because it apperars only at production server.
On dev machine everything works fine.
I have no idea anymore.

Any message would be nice.

Kind regards, Robert

Debug output

script: %2Fadmin%2Fassets%2FEditForm%2Ffield%2FFiles%2FUploadifyForm%2Ffield%2FUploadedFiles%2Fupload%3FSecurityID%3D125046542%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bstart%5D%3D0%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bper_page%5D%3D10%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bshowall%5D%3D0%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bsort%5D%3DSortOrder%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bsort_dir%5D%3D%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bsearch%5D%3D%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bfilter%5D%3D%26ctf%5BFiles%5D%5Bview%5D%3D
refreshlink: /admin/assets/EditForm/field/Files/UploadifyForm/field/UploadedFiles/refresh?SecurityID=125046542&ctf[Files][start]=0&ctf[Files][per_page]=10&ctf[Files][showall]=0&ctf[Files][sort]=SortOrder&ctf[Files][sort_dir]=&ctf[Files][search]=&ctf[Files][filter]=&ctf[Files][view]=
uploader: /uploadify/javascript/uploadify.swf
scriptAccess: sameDomain
queueSizeLimit: 40
auto: 1
fileExt: *.*
cancelImg: /uploadify/images/cancel.png
image_class: Image
file_class: File
buttonText: Upload files
queueID: UploadifyFieldQueue_UploadedFiles
wmode: transparent
hideButton: 1
sizeLimit: 8388608
multi: 1


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18 December 2010 at 12:20am

just took a look into the upload folder.
The files itself have been uploaded - but the records are missing