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[SOLVED] write a xml file - OnAfterWrite

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18 March 2011 at 2:26am

Edited: 18/03/2011 2:27am

@Banal, i will check your method in a sec..

for now it is solved. I didnt used the template because it was not working. and when viewing online (with the public function) <img> tags were closed by a slash <img height="567" />
this was illegal for the xml, so another reason to NOT use a template for xml.

example can be found here (temporary):

for the people who wan to know how i did it:

class Flyer extends Page {
	static $has_many = array (
		'FlyerPaginas' => 'FlyerPagina'
	public function getCMSFields() {
    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();
    $manager = new FileDataObjectManager(
      'FlyerPaginas', // relation name
      'FlyerPagina', // class name of the DataObject
      'Image', // name of the file relation in the DataObject
			 'Title' => 'Title',
			// 'Comment' => 'Comment',
	 	), // headings
      'getCMSFields_forPopup' // name of the function for the popup fields
	$fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Images', $manager);
    return $fields;

	public function onAfterWrite(){
		$dom = new DomDocument('1.0'); 
		$implementation = new DOMImplementation();
		$dtd = $implementation->createDocumentType('xml',
				'DOCTYPE book SYSTEM',
		$dom = $implementation->createDocument('', '', $dtd);
		$book            = $dom->appendChild($dom->createElement('book'));
		$plugins         = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('plugins')); 
		$plugins2        = $plugins->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('zoom, keyboardnavigation, navigationbar, swfaddress')); 
		$pagewidth       = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('pagewidth')); 
		$pagewidth2      = $pagewidth->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('567')); 
		$pageheight      = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('pageheight')); 
		$pageheight2     = $pageheight->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('567')); 
		$lang            = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('lang')); 
		$lang2           = $lang->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('en')); 
		$zoomminscale    = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('zoomminscale')); 
		$zoomminscale2   = $zoomminscale->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.5')); 
		$zoommaxscale    = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('zoommaxscale')); 
		$zoommaxscale2   = $zoommaxscale->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('2.0')); 
		$zoomsnap        = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('zoomsnap')); 
		$zoomsnap2       = $zoomsnap->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0')); 
		$zoomsteps       = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('zoomsteps')); 
		$zoomsteps2      = $zoomsteps->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.5')); 
		$dragrange       = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('dragrange')); 
		$dragrange2      = $dragrange->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('20')); 
		$qualitycontrol  = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('qualitycontrol')); 
		$qualitycontrol2 = $qualitycontrol->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('true')); 
		$thumbscale      = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('thumbscale')); 
		$thumbscale2     = $thumbscale->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.35')); 
		$cornerhint      = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('cornerhint')); 
		$cornerhint2     = $cornerhint->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('true')); 
		$pagethickness   = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('pagethickness')); 
		$pagethickness2  = $pagethickness->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.1')); 
		$shadows 		 = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('shadows')); 
		$shadows2 		 = $shadows->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.3')); 
		$startpage  	 = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('startpage')); 
		$startpage2 	 = $startpage->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('1')); 
		$centercovers  	 = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('centercovers')); 
		$centercovers2	 = $centercovers->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('false')); 
		$pageoffset 	 = $book->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('pageoffset')); 
		$pageoffset2	 = $pageoffset->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0')); 

		$chapter   = $book->appendChild($dom->createElement('chapter'));
		foreach($this->FlyerPaginas() as $FlyerPagina) {
			$page    = $chapter->appendChild($dom->createElement('page')); 
			$img     = $page->appendChild($dom->createElement('img')); 
			$width   = $img->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('width')); 
			$width2  = $width->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('567')); 
			$height  = $img->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('height')); 
			$height2 = $height->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('567')); 
			//Zoom level 0,5
			$src1      = $img->appendChild($dom->createElement('src')); 
			$scaleA    = $src1->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('scale')); 
			$scaleB    = $scaleA->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.5')); 
			$src1 ->appendChild(
			//Zoom level 0,75
			$src5      = $img->appendChild($dom->createElement('src')); 
			$scaleX    = $src5->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('scale')); 
			$scaleY    = $scaleX->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('0.75')); 
			$src5 ->appendChild(
			//Zoom level 1,0
			$src2      = $img->appendChild($dom->createElement('src')); 
			$scaleC    = $src2->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('scale')); 
			$scaleD    = $scaleC->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('1.0')); 
			$src2 ->appendChild(
			//Zoom level 1,5
			$src3      = $img->appendChild($dom->createElement('src')); 
			$scaleE    = $src3->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('scale')); 
			$scaleF    = $scaleE->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('1.5')); 
			$src3 ->appendChild(
			//Zoom level 2,0
			$src4      = $img->appendChild($dom->createElement('src')); 
			$scaleG    = $src4->appendChild($dom->createAttribute('scale')); 
			$scaleH    = $scaleG->appendChild($dom->createTextNode('2.0')); 
			$src4 ->appendChild(

		//generate xml 
		$dom->formatOutput = true; // set the formatOutput attribute of 
								// domDocument to true 
		// save XML as string or file 
		$test1 = $dom->saveXML(); // put string in test1 
		$dom->save('megazine.mz3'); // save as file - add absolute path

class Flyer_Controller extends Page_Controller {

class FlyerPagina extends DataObject {
	static $db = array (
		'Title' => 'Text',
	//	'Comment' => 'HTMLText',
	static $has_one = array (
		'Image' => 'Image',
		'Flyer' => 'Flyer'
	public function getCMSFields_forPopup() {
		$fields = new FieldSet();
		$fields->push(new TextField('Title'));
		//$fields->push(new SimpleTinyMCEField('Comment'));
		$fields->push(new FileUploadField('Image','Upload files'));
		return $fields;


Community Member, 904 Posts

18 March 2011 at 2:59am

I use templates to output XML code all the time. You can create valid image tags yourself and use $Image.Link to just get the src part..

Also writing to files never was an issue... here's a flash page that's driven by SilverStripe and uses exactly this (templates for xml generation and caching to files):


Community Member, 1 Post

9 July 2011 at 10:12pm

I managed to do something similar to what you wanted to do originally through onAfterWrite(). Since your onAfterWrite() is in the FlyerPagina DataObject, when $this->renderWith() is called, the FlyerPagina object is the the root object. This means that <% control FlyerPagina %> attempts to descend into the FlyerPagina object when it is already at that object level. Instead, <% control Me %> needs to be used in place of <% control FlyerPagina %> so the control stays at the top level. From there the FlyerPagina object variables are accessible using the $ prefix as with any other template. This fix also applies to DataObjectSets that call renderWith(), which is what I ended up using to save a file containing data from all the DataObjects with that class type.

What I find odd is that I needed to force a theme setting in the onAfterWrite() method in the DataObject I have using SSViewer::set_theme(). Without it, SilverStripe throws an "[User Warning] None of these templates can be found in theme" error, and calling SSViewer::current_theme() in onAfterWrite() returns null. Any ideas on this behavior?

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