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Showing GridField Content on other Pages (like LatestArticles)

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4 February 2013 at 11:17pm

Hi Everyone,

i'm trying to show the Content of a GridField on my HomePage PageType on all other Pages with a different PageType.
A little bit like the LatestArticles on HomePage.
I tried to do it like this.

Page.php ->
SliderObject.php ->
HomePage.php -> ->

The "getPageByClass" function worked fine for me on the Old SS Release and although when I want to display content form not gridfields on other pages in SS3.

But now when i put in <% control getPageByClass(HomePage) %> the sldier displays nothing :( not on HomePage and not on any other Page.

I althoug tried to put the getSlides function into Page.php but it doesn't work too, i think because the function can't find Slides on Page.php but how can i Link this function on the Page.php to Slides on HomePage.php

Can someone please help me?

Thx a lot!



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5 February 2013 at 7:58pm

push ;)
i need it very urgent.


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5 February 2013 at 8:29pm

DataObject::get_one($class) instead of DataObject::get($class) in your Page.php method should fix it.

I think DataObject::get always returns a DataList in SS3 even when there is only one matching, unlike previously.


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5 February 2013 at 9:48pm

Edited: 05/02/2013 10:10pm

thank you very much for your answer. But it doesn't work :/
Is there an other methode to get the content shown on other pages? Or is there a way to get the function working?


Ok i fixed it :)
The First Mistake was the DataObject::get instead of DataObject::get_one (Thx a lot for that)
And the second Mistake was that i tried to get the content with a function and not simply with <% loop Slides %>

now everything works :)