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DataObjectManager Module /

Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

Moderators: martimiz, UncleCheese, Sean, Ed, biapar, Willr, Ingo, swaiba

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Carbon Crayon

Community Member, 598 Posts

12 February 2009 at 6:16am

also getting a strange effect where the text in the content field appears above the table, until you do something with the table (search, filter, add a resource etc.) then it disappears. This happens on both my work machine and my laptop in all browsers.

Is this deliberate?


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

12 February 2009 at 7:08am

That is deliberate. I didn't see a need to keep the persistent text. Gets kind of annoying.


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

13 February 2009 at 4:53am

SVN checkout is now available. I had a couple different versions floating around, so I may not have gotten the SVN right. If you run into problems, please post here and I'll check in a fix as soon as I can.

Documentation is not ready yet, but I have included example code in code/examples

svn co


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

13 February 2009 at 5:29am

Something is screwy. Hold off until I fix it. :)


Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

13 February 2009 at 4:45pm

Okay, that ought to do it.

It requires the swfupload extension, so you'll need to check out each of the following:

svn co
svn co


Community Member, 32 Posts

19 February 2009 at 3:51pm

Hi UncleCheese

I've been trying to use the ResourcePage example and I can get everything working except being able to get the page template to display all the information. I managed to fumble my way to use $Name and $Description to get their information to appear on the site but I am stuck with getting the Attachment to appear. Can you point me in the right direction with this.



Forum Moderator, 4102 Posts

19 February 2009 at 3:55pm

Have you tried this?

<a href="$Attachment.URL">Download</a>

Be sure to check out the latest. Lots of updates today.


Community Member, 18 Posts

20 February 2009 at 4:19am

Hy UncleCheese
I realy like you module and tested it for a while. I'll found some additions for it:

Default-value for view
I’d like to have functions to set the default view-Value of a FileDataObjectManager-Object.
The Problem is, you can’t set the public var $view, otherwise changing of the views won’t work.
Quick ‘n dirty:
public function SetGridView(){
if(!isset($_REQUEST['ctf'][$this->Name()]['view'])) $this->view='grid';

Translations, File,
Line 86: <% _t('DRAGDROP', 'Allow drag & drop reordering') %>
Line 33: <% _t('SEARCH', 'Search') %>

Line 104:
return new DropdownField('ImportFolder','',$this->getFolderHierarchy(0),null, null, "-- "._t('DataObjectManager.SELECTFOLDER', 'Select a folder')." --");

Line 171,172
new HeaderField($title = _t('DataObjectManager.ADD', 'Add').' '.$this->PluralTitle(), $headingLevel = 2),
new HeaderField($title = _t('DataObjectManager.UPLOADFROMPC', 'Upload from my computer'), $headingLevel = 3),
Line 218:
$header = new HeaderField($title = _t('DataObjectManager.IMPORTFROMFOLDER', 'Import from an existing folder'), $headingLevel = 3);

- Link on every value to edit the data-record.
- Adding title-tags to edit & delete-links like “<a class="popuplink editlink" href="$EditLink" title="<% _t('EDIT', 'Edit') %>">”
- Close-Buttons in the Popup-Windows
- Buttons for “save & close”, “close”

Thanks for the great work!