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Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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Image Gallery - Latest Images on HomePage?

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22 August 2009 at 3:18am

Wow, looks like "lt" is not a valid operator in SS. I could have sworn it was. I would try something like..

$items = $album->GalleryItems()
return $items->getRange(0,5);

A better way to do it is probably to extend the album class as I showed you in a previous post.


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24 August 2009 at 3:54pm

Hi there
Thanks for this info
I have extended the Image Gallery Pages into a new Page Type (LatestGalleryAlbum & LatestGalleryPage) and incorporated the Latest Album / Images in the home page.
You can see it in action here



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14 September 2009 at 11:04am

Just installed Image Gallery (r271) today and trying to get example for latest images on front page to work.

I've put this in the Page_Controller section of my top-level Page.php:

	public function LatestImages()
		return DataObject::get("ImageGalleryItem", null, "Created DESC", null, 8);

and this at the top of my local copy of, as I want latest 8 images from all galleries to appear on top-level gallery page:

				<ul id="gallery-list" class="gallery-layout loaded">
					<% control LatestImages %>
						<li style="height:{$Top.ThumbnailSize}px;width:{$Top.ThumbnailSize}px;">
							<a id="ViewLink-$ID" rel="$RelAttr" class="$ClassAttr" title="$Caption" href="$ViewLink"><img src="$ThumbnailURL" alt="$Title"/></a>
					<% end_control %>

now I'm getting 8 placeholders return it seems, but each html list item appears as:

<a id="ViewLink-10" class="" rel="" title="" href=""><img src="" alt="#10"/></a></li>

the fact I'm getting an id value back seems to tell me I'm getting close, but why no other attributes populated?


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14 September 2009 at 12:49pm

This is bundled in as of a few revs ago.

Just do:


on any page.


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14 September 2009 at 11:37pm

Excellent! thank you


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8 July 2010 at 11:40pm

I know it might seem like I'm bringing back a post from the dead. I read this and it was very relevant to what I'm doing right now.

currently I have a VansPage_album (child), and a VansHolder page (parent). What I'm trying to do is allow my VansHolder page, to display the first three images in the individual VansPage_album album's. Currently i have three vans to show, and $RecentImagesGallery, seems to only want to display the first van, whilst the other 2 vans controls just have that javascript loading animation.

any help would be appreciated.

and sorry if this has been said before, new to ss and did do a quick search with no results.



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8 July 2010 at 11:40pm

Edited: 08/07/2010 11:40pm

first post and it was a double post...

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