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Can I set filter on CMS page before it loads?

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12 November 2009 at 5:38am

I have installed DataObjectManager and am storing Image, title, URL and Category. this resource is available on every page, so amended page.php with necesary code to create BannerResource Tab in CMS.

I am doing this for banners so I am setting the categories to Home, News, CaseStudies.

I would like that when I go to a case studies page in CMS and then click on BannerResources TAB then only the images which have been marked as CaseStudies for category will show up. I can do this once I have entered page as I have a drop down on the resources page created with

'Category', // The field we're filtering
'Filter by Category', // The label for the filter field
'Home' => 'Home',
'CaseStudies' => 'CaseStudies',
'News' => 'News',
'Portfolio' => 'Portfolio'
) // The dropdown map of values => display text. The values will be matched against the Author field.

But I want it to filter on load of page in CMS automatically. Does this make sense?

Can it be doen?


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15 November 2009 at 9:16pm

Hi Zim,

I don't quite follow you sorry. Mainly because I don't understand your model for this.

Is Banner a DataObject? If so, can you post the code for this and the getCMSFields code for your Page.php?



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16 November 2009 at 5:31am

If you're going to force the filter, why use a dropdown filter? Why not just use the filter clause in the DOM constructor?


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16 November 2009 at 9:42am

Edited: 16/11/2009 9:53am

Hi Zim,

What UC means is there is a filter clause when you create the DOM in your getCMSFields method.

Like this:

// Setup the Options table Dataobject manager
$options = new DataObjectManager(
  array('Name' => 'Banner Name'),
  "Category = '$this->Category'", // Here is the filter - Get a category from the page, and filter Banners by that Category only
  'SubscriptionTerm ASC'
$options->setAddTitle('Pricing Option');   

Or something along those lines. (Sorry for lake of indentation - for the life of me I can't get indents to preseve when I submit posts)



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23 November 2009 at 12:29pm

Thanks for advice.. I had to change my model in the end and do things differently. BUt thanks