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brother owe their human-like.

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14 November 2011 at 4:34pm

Paused, Xiaojing Yi also said: "do not have too many times in the morning one in the afternoon on the line."
"You mean that I skipped school slipped back?" Yonfan looked Xiaojing Yi said.
Xiaojing Yi nodded, then look to the Zhou Ying, Zhou Ying, asking with his eyes, this approach is feasible.
Zhou Ying thought, nodded silently, Xiaojing Yi agreed to this approach, this is no way of solution.
See Xiaojing Yi and Zhou Ying's eyes are in his body, Fan Yang hit a burp, put down the dishes, said: "You mean I is a poor student, skipped school come back week for me, not the British count things, right? "
Xiaojing Yi said: "I mean you're a boy, speed faster, able to take advantage of the time between classes to catch a back and forth." Said this time, Xiao Jingyi face slightly red a bit rare.
Obviously she was lying, she would like to put it is Yang Fan, Fan Yang because it is a ruffian, I skipped school came back to him so will not matter.
"Yang Fan, sprained my foot, you are responsible." Zhou said at this time the British and.
"OK, brother agreed." Yonfan thought, this is not a big deal, agreed to down: "It's a bar, I'm full, go back. Something went to knock on the door, around the clock free of charge for two services. "
Said, and Fan Yang stood up, back door to rent their own house gone.
Agreed to hear Yonfan down, wholesale jerseys from china
Xiaojing Yi and Zhou Ying also relieved. See Yonfan gone, they subconsciously pick up the chopsticks to eat, but the two plates have long been empty, only the soup of the
Fan Yang Xiaojing Yi and Zhou Ying, from where the food comes out chubby belly, is planning to open his door and Lei Ting shared, but at this time phone rang.
Took out his phone and saw his brother Wu Chenghai is a call, Yonfan quickly connected to the phone: "Big Brother."
There came the Wu Chenghai telephone voice: "I am in the old place, over it." Finish the sentence, Wu Chenghai hung up the phone.
Wu Chenghai said the old place, is Wu Chenghai care within a gang wherever he goes. Wu Chenghai personally took this child, equivalent to the parishes where the Wu Chenghai.
Wherever he goes by the name of this night life.
As the name suggests, this is a nightclub.
This night life nightclub, is the best business sites Wu Chenghai wherever he goes, and Wu Chenghai had personally took.
Night life there are five, one for the disco, year-round non-stop performance, two-story bar, and offers billiards and other entertainment projects, three KTV rooms, four bath, providing a rest area. Five separate from the middle, half cafe,
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half of the integrated office. Each layer has set up a separate office, five comprehensive report something directly inside office.
Like disco floor Needless to say, we all take for granted. The second floor of billiards entertainment, in many cases, the guests drink in the bar used as a gambling project. Three of KTV box, with a large group of naturally Miss Mommy location. Not to mention four-bath, sauna, massage and the like that is essential.
The most worth mentioning is the fifth floor of the cafe, which also have dining rooms of the cafe. Only, but it is doing the trickery of the acts. Very few people come here to drink tea, but to gamble. This is the real function of the fifth floor cafe, in fact, to those who gamble to provide a venue, is a secret casino.
Of course, there is a big gamble, most people do not afford that. Gambling to be here, not just the money on the line, had to go through Wu Chenghai investigation, the trust achieved Wu Chenghai can on the table. At first, this secret not many guests to the casino, but with the Wu Chenghai promotion, casino night life of the secret is already the first choice for the rich gamble.
The development to the present, most people have not enter the secret casino. New casinos who are described by the old customers. Even the old customers introduced, Wu Chenghai still is careful to investigate the release will come clear.
Yonfan a taxi to the night life, with a nod to the porter's little brother, and went directly to the door. Here's Wu Chenghai Yang Fan's men knew little brother, even if Yonfan for the hair, and it was immediately recognized.
While it is still very early time,
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may have begun to show the first floor, night club has a full house guests.
Yonfan straight toward the establishment of a separate first floor office, through the office door, night life out of the staff is dedicated elevator. Of course, this elevator only Yonfan this real "staff" open house.
Take the elevator to the fifth floor, Yang Fan came to the fifth largest office outside.
"Xiaofan brother." Smile at the door with the two younger brother Yang Fan greeting.
Yonfan also smiled, asked: "Brother in?"
"In, Big Brother told, and Xiao-fan brother to go directly." Brother immediately replied with this name.
"The Raven it?" Yonfan hand on the doorknob asked.
"Big Brother Crow brother was arranged to go to the third floor."
Yonfan nodded, not ask once what Tuimenzoujin the office.
"Big Brother." Yonfan door immediately shouted.
Wu Chenghai of a full hundred square meters of office space, spacious and decorated with style. At this point he was leaning against the boss chair, feet resting on the desk, sucking cigarettes are relaxed, come see Yang Fan, Wu Chenghai pointed to a chair opposite his desk: "sit."
See Yonfan sit down, throw a cigarette to Wu Chenghai Yang Fan, asked: "how? Also used it in school?"
"Fortunately." Yonfan answer the Wu Chenghai,
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then lit a cigarette hand, even if not used but also how? Big Brother will not let his back.
"The dean of students that what to call me, you do not something, right?" Wu Chenghai still not assured of this matter, to worry about Yonfan will be expelled from school.
"Cheer up, brother!" Fan Yang smiled and said: "It's a school break, if I can not stand another foot, are we going to be laughable? This thing is not my fault, mainly that the class teacher He Yulan listening too hard to speak, I was top of her a few. dean of students even want to take this issue also can not do. "
"Mom, this year, when a broken ** teacher also felt very, very fast hardware." Thought He Yulan, Wu Chenghai could not help but curse: "The truth his mother three days is not shit, you feel * * There are stud son insisted on it! "
His brother heard this, Yonfan smile did not say nothing.
"Xiao Jingyi case how?" Wu Chenghai asked again.
Fan Yang said: "Fortunately, nothing special circumstances. Is a small white face spinning around her, yesterday, I just shot his brother taught meal."
"She spun around bitch, this bitch you do not hit directly into the pig," Wu Chenghai angrily: "Lessons ass with his brother?"
"They are twins, I got the wrong person." Yang Fan, explains: "However, this matter also know that bitch, today I have not seen the little white face during the struggle Xiaojing Yi."
"That's good." Wu Chenghai nodded and said: "In short,
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you want to protect small Ching Yee, things to do."
"Take it, brother." Yonfan agree with.
Wu Chenghai Yang Fan looked at, turned around to see out the window, said: "Yang Fan, there is no blame in my heart big brother?"
Pair of faint to hear the tone of his brother, big brother Yonfan know a good mood. So ask yourself, and certainly guess they will blame him in the heart.
Could not help but smile: "Brother to listen to the truth, or to listen to lie?"
"You His mother, also spoke with the brother with the hide?" Wu Chenghai not help Xiao Ma said: "You're in such a small mind, you do not say I guess. Brother know your heart will certainly be some unpleasant , but, Big Brother is no way, you look on the one Shoudi Xia less with it. Then there are things you worry brother, so had to send you to school. "
"Brother, do not say, I know." Yonfan interrupted his brother, then do not want him to go on, and say something like how much his brother owe their human-like.
"You know enough." Wu Chenghai stood up and slowly walked a few steps, stood in the position of the window, spoke and said: "You big brother around for so many years, only in my position also under. Brother is long overdue your position to the laid down. "


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15 November 2011 at 1:22am