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5 January 2012 at 9:36am


ajaxQuantityField is not working properly for me..

on Checkout/Cart page:
when customer changes quantity by typing in the text field, it is sent to server (e.g..../shoppingcart/setquantityitem/235?quantity=25), but the total price is not updated until I manually refresh the page

on Product page:
when changing quantity here by typing in the field, absolutely nothing happens..

can someone help me with this?

is there possibility for customers to change quantity already when purchasing items, what I mean is to have small text field next to "purchase" button, so they can buy 5 items straight away instead of having to change quantity in cart afterwards?

Thank you!


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11 January 2012 at 12:39am

Well, I have to remove quantity field from and since I have no idea how to get this work.

On, I have added onchange window.location.reload() this way:

function Field() {
		$size = 3; //make these customisable
		$maxlength = 3;

		$attributes = array(
			'type' => 'text',
			'class' => implode(' ',$this->classes),
			'name' => $this->item->MainID() . '_Quantity',
			'value' => ($this->item->Quantity) ? $this->item->Quantity : "",
			'maxlength' => $maxlength,
			'size' => $size ,
			'disabled' => 'disabled',
			'onchange' => "window.location.reload();"
		//IMPROVE ME: hack to use the form field createTag method ...perhaps this should become a form field instead
		$formfield = new FormField('hack'); 
		return $formfield->createTag('input', $attributes);

This works - sometimes.. When the server is fast enough to response with quantity update, then it is updated, when it is not fast enough to respond, the page is reloaded without quantity update.

Plz, I seriously really need help , now with javascript function how to make javascript wait for server response, and then reload page - after the quantity has been sent to server..


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11 January 2012 at 1:22am

and in addition to that, huuge issue with variations, this code:

function AJAXLinkHiddenField(){
		if($quantitylink = ShoppingCart::set_quantity_item_link($this->item->getProductVariationIDForSerialization(), null,$this->parameters)){
			$attributes = array(
				'type' => 'hidden',
				'class' => 'ajaxQuantityField_qtylink',
				'name' => $this->item->MainID() . '_Quantity_SetQuantityLink',
				'value' => $quantitylink
			$formfield = new FormField('hack'); 
			return $formfield->createTag('input', $attributes);

is creating link to change quantity of the productID rather than productVariationID, lets say i have product 200 with variations 55 and 56, changing quantity for both with this server response:

shoppingcart/setquantityitem/200?quantity=XX , what means that only first variation is changed no matter what!