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E-Commerce Modules /

Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
Ecommerce, SS Shop, SilverCart and SwipeStripe
Alternatively, have a look the shared mailinglist.

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E-Commerce 0.6 beta 1 released

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27 January 2010 at 11:11am

Edited: 27/01/2010 11:15am

I've attached the code for my payment_dpshosted module. (Edit: attachment may not be working so code is here: )

I think there is yet another module built by Sunny Side Up ( available here:
I'm not sure of the state of that one, or what version of ecommerce it runs with.

We have 3 modules for this and some old code in the SS svn, perhaps we should try to merge all the branches?
I've now finished the project that was using this code, but I could spare a few hours to work on it if needed.
We could set up a shared public svn or git repository for all this code (or ask for access to the SS svn) to start with so that people can at least find it easily.


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29 January 2010 at 1:27pm

Edited: 29/01/2010 1:32pm

Any chance of having a post order modifier in the OrderForm class. Somewhere around

// Write new record {@link Order} to database

That way if we want to (for example) add a feed to a 3rd party program such as in my case a class to drive an xml feed to the Interspire Email Marketer then we dont have to modify the core.

A futher thought is that this could be useful after success too, say for affiliate programs.



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2 February 2010 at 10:03am

@rjmackay Thanks, I should get some time to work on this this week and will upload to public space once I've made some progress. Can't say I've worked with git or svn too much but I'll work something out. Github comes to mind - don't know of any free svn hosting offhand.

Thanks for contributing.


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2 February 2010 at 1:03pm

@paymentexpress I'm happy to set up an svn repo on my server if need be. But my preference is git anyway - so github makes it easy :)


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3 February 2010 at 10:11am

This a a first bash at an Interspire Emailmarketer connector to the OrderForm Page

Sadly, I had to modilfy the OrderForm.php class to get the connection to my new classes. I guess I could simply have replaced the class but then I would have to keep reflecting new base code changes. I could also have experimented with decorators but I had no idea what I am doing in this case.

This package has a class that extends DataObject so that I can record what has happened for testing purposes. Thus it does not extend OrderForm so as a result I have to pass the form data as an argument to the main function processExtender(). I have tried to make the modifications to OrderForm.php as generic as possible. There are two areas:

1. Add a form element to let the user decide whether ot not to opt in to whatever you choose (see _config.php).
2. In processOrder() actually do the send to Interspire.

There is a report module included to facilitate checking of what's happened and provide the Interspire response. Note that there is no response ither than SUCCESS if the email already exists in the Interspire database.

Ultimately that and the $myextender.write() could be removed or perhaps tied to whether it is dev mode to not. ie.

			if(Director::isDev()) $myextender->write();

so the database is not kludged up with a lot of worthless test rubbish.

This is my first attempt at all this so sorry if its garbage! I must learn more OO php. The decorators are the most confusing.
My next will be an autocolumnising YAML template of a type I have used a lot with ModX and Interspire stores (see Dont confuse this with the markup YAML.


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3 February 2010 at 10:12am

Payment Express? Github or SVN - yes please!!!


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3 February 2010 at 10:16am

Edited: 03/02/2010 5:19pm

Has anyone figured a convenient way of adding quantity discounts without modifying the ecommerce (beta) core. The modifiers dont work in that manner (that I can tell) so are inappropriate.

Say a customer orders 5 of an object that might then qualify for a % or $ discount (settable on the product page) I think this should be a standard feature.



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6 February 2010 at 12:54am

Edited: 06/02/2010 4:58am

This updated version seems to be working pretty well. Still having problems with images (I assume the images have to be of a certain size?) - Turned out it was permissions problem

Is the method in the wiki still valid for paypal?