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Renderwidth and IE

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18 November 2010 at 9:15am


We have a problems with a form showing the results on another page. We use renderwidth in the action method, and it works fine in all browsers exept ie. As we startet developing this form we was working with ss 2.3.3, and the problem occured as we moved our files to the customers site running on 2.3.4. (in the 2.3.3 installation all is fine, also in ie) (we also testet in 2.4, but there we got a security error)

our code is like this:

function VerdiResultat($data, $form) {

$res = new Verdi();

$verdier = array($data["Spm1"], $data["Spm2"], $data["Spm3"], $data["Spm4"], $data["Spm5"], $data["Spm6"], $data["Spm7"], $data["Spm8"], $data["Spm9"],$data["Spm10"],$data["Spm11"], $data["Spm12"], $data["Spm13"], $data["Spm14"],$data["Spm15"]);

foreach($verdier as $temp) {

if ($temp != 0) {
if ($temp < 3){
$res->Lav += 1;
elseif ($temp == 3) {
$res->Middels += 1;

elseif ($temp > 3) {
$res->Hoy += 1;


Session::set('VurdertArtikkel', true);

return $this->renderWith(array('Page_VerdiResultat', 'Page'));

we have also tried to put in ->customise($data) in the return statement, without any new results.

We notice when we look in Firebug and the developer tool in IE that all what should be in <head> is appearing in <body>. When we look directly in the sourcecode of the resultpage, however, this information shows up in <head> as it should. Strange.

Have anyone an idea about how to solve this IE problem??