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'getviewer' does not exist on 'DataObjectSet'

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19 May 2011 at 6:26am

Hi all,

I have a form consisting of several dropdowns which allows users to filter a list of dataobjects (habits) that they want to see by various fields (deadline, assigned staffmember, priority). This works okay in the page.

The form's action is a function that uses the dropdown selections to create a filter statement for a dataobject::get. So far so good - I can see from my debug statements that the appropriate data object set is got.

I use a foreach loop to iterate over this set, adding some additional bits to each record via an array which seems to work okay. This is then written back into a data object set to be returned and displayed (on the same page as the original form). But I get an error:

'getviewer' does not exist on 'DataObjectSet'

Can anyone help me out with this? Although I have other forms doing a similar thing, I cannot get this to display the list of data objects I am returning. My code is here:

As always any help much appreciated.

Plato Creative

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19 May 2011 at 1:08pm

Hi Lisa,

As I explained on the IRC channel, getViewer is on the controller. You're trying to render a set as a page, to which it cannot do. You need to return a controller, which is usually $this.

In shorthand you can simply return an array to customise the template variables available to SSViewer on this controller, so you'll just need to encapsulate your DataObjectSet as such:

return array('HabitSet'=>$habitDisplaySet);

In your templates you can use $habitFilterForm to render the form, then <% control HabitSet %> to process the results.

You can just do this in the plain template (as HabitSet won't exist on normal render and be ignored), or you can create a template ( if you want to jazz things up once you have some results.