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Custom Form redirects to a blank site

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6 April 2009 at 5:14pm

I created a form to update some data in a database. The first view of the site is fine but if I send the form via the automaticly generated button it will redirect me to a blank page. I looked into the source code of this blank page - it was empty, even no head tags or something like that- nothing.

Can anyone explain me this behavior?
I checked my sourcecode more than one time and didnt find a mistake but ... well maybe I´m overlooking something.

The whole thing is done by a subclass of Page and its Controller.
Here is a snippet of my Code, I also attached the whole file.

	 * Das Formular für die Seite
	 * Hier kann der Datensatz leicht manipuliert werden.
	function Form(){

		$auftrag = $this->getAuftrag();


			// Daten für die Dropdownliste Kunde holen
			$kunden = DataObject::get('Kunde');
			if ($kunden){
				$kundenSources = $kunden->toDropDownMap('ID', 'Name');	// Datenaufbereite

			$fields = new FieldSet(
				new TextField('Auftragsnummer', 'Auftragsnummer', $auftrag->Auftragsnummer),
				new TextField('Thema', 'Thema', $auftrag->Thema),
				new DateField('Startdatum', 'Startdatum', $this->DatumsWandler($auftrag->Startdatum)),
				new DateField('Enddatum', 'Enddatum', $this->DatumsWandler($auftrag->Enddatum)),
				new CheckboxField('Abgeschlossen', 'Abgeschlossen', $auftrag->Abgeschlossen),
				new DropdownField('KundeID', 'Kunde', $kundenSources, $value=$auftrag->KundeID)

			$actions = new FieldSet(
				new FormAction('doAuftragUpdate', 'Auftrag aktualisieren')
			$validator = new RequiredFields(

			$form = new Form(

			return $form;


	 function doAuftragUpdate($data, $form){

	 	$auftrag = $this->getAuftrag();
	 		$form->sessionMessage('Der Auftrag wurde erfolgreich aktualisiert', 'good');



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7 April 2009 at 9:25pm

Hey there,

That would indicate that Director::redirectBack() is not working. Are you sure it is getting that far? Have you turned on dev-mode? What if you try Director::redirect('some-random-url')?


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9 April 2009 at 2:53am

Its working.

I just add a else-conidtion in the funtion form()
Where I return a blank form