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How do I render a form or object into a javascript popup?

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29 August 2009 at 10:44pm

I'll check it out, thanks.

I've ended up just putting some javascript in the template to launch a GreyBox. A bit untidy but it does the job. The template has conditional rendering to do the 'thank-you' after submission. Would still like to try figuring out how to get Ajax working through SS forms (Which I imagine I would need to launch a javascript popup).


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8 September 2009 at 9:33pm

So for anyone who is interested, hello? hellllooooooooo (echo)
I've managed to do everything I needed without any Ajax in the end. I used GreyBox (didn't like the default css themes on colorbox and the GB with SS looked fine) and jQuery.

1. Render a form into a javascript popup with a thankyou message on submission.
An HTML <li> element on the main page has a javascript function 'launchSignup()' as it's 'onclick' property.
The javascript function calls GreyBox with the location of a virtual subpage of the main page
The virtual subpage function just re-renders the object with a new template file containing the form variable and different content
the form action function does its thing and re-renders the object with a thankyou template displaying more content from the CMS

2. Render HTML returned from an external service into a javascript popup
An accountID input field on the main page hold the account ID
An action button just below it has a javascript function call as its onclick property
the javascript function calls GreyBox with the URL mainpage/balance/accountID
the balance function calls the external service with the accountID and receives an HTML response which is stored in a local variable
the balance funcrion returns renderWith('') which has a reference to the local variable to render the result.

Easy once you know how :o)
All done from a single slab of PHP and a light sprinkling of javascript. Isn't SS wonderful?


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19 December 2009 at 7:34am

Thanks Zalzadore. this is exactly what I am trying to do but I can't get it to work .

I have tried something as simple as :

<a href="" title="myform" rel="gb_page_center[500, 500]">Launch myform</a>
in my template

and I get a Page Not found error in the popup window.

So I tried this :
<a href="" title="Google" rel="gb_page_center[500, 500]">Launch</a>

an I get the same error in the popup window also!! I think I am missing something obvious , even though the windows pops open properly .
I am hoping you might be wathcing this great post of yours !


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