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Custom FieldGroup ID

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2 September 2009 at 9:00am

Edited: 02/09/2009 9:01am

Is it possible to to set manually the FieldGroup ID (in a custom form) so its not a string of the Fields it contains?

Here is my FieldSet

 $fields = new FieldSet(
							 new FieldGroup (
											 new HeaderField('Personal Information', 3),
											 new LabelField("explanation","To Set-up Your Account"),
											 new TextField('FirstName', 'First Name'),
											 new TextField('Surname','Last Name'),
											 new EmailField('Email'),
											 new ConfirmedPasswordField('Password')
							 new FieldGroup (
											 new HeaderField('Company Information', 3),
											 new LabelField("explanation","To Verfiy Eligibility"),
											 new TextField('CompanyName','Company Name'),
											 new DropdownField('CompanyType','Company Type',$companyTypeList),
											 new TextField('CompanyURL','Company Website'),
											 new TextField('HomePhone','Company Phone'),
											 new TextField('Address','Address'),
											 new TextField('AddressLine2','Address Line 2'),
											 new TextField('City','City'),
											 new TextField('State','State or Province'),
											 new TextField('Country','Country'),
											 new TextField('TaxIDNumber','TaxIDNumber'),
											 new TextField('Distributor','Distributor'),
											 new TextField('SalesRep','Sales Rep'),
											 new TextareaField('Notes','Description'),
											 new HiddenField('PageID', '', $this->ID)


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14 June 2011 at 4:17am

Old post but came up in Google when I tried to do the same thing so here goes:

        $billingAddress = new FieldGroup(
                new TextField("FullName", _t('AddressForm.ADDRESSNAME', 'Full Name'), _t('AddressForm.ADDRESSNAME')),
                new TextField("Address1", _t('AddressForm.ADDRESS1', 'Street'), _t('AddressForm.ADDRESS1')),
                new TextField("Address2", _t('AddressForm.ADDRESS2', 'Street 2'), _t('AddressForm.ADDRESS2')),
                new TextField("Address3", _t('AddressForm.ADDRESS3', 'Street 3'), _t('AddressForm.ADDRESS3')),
                new TextField("City", _t('AddressForm.CITY', 'City'), _t('AddressForm.CITY')),
                new TextField("Postcode", _t('AddressForm.POSTCODE', 'Postcode'), _t('AddressForm.Postcode')),
                new DropdownField('Country', _t('AddressForm.COUNTRY', 'Country'), $countries)

        $fields = new FieldSet(
            new FieldGroup(
                new TextField("CardNumber", _t('AddressForm.CARDNUMBER', 'Card Number'), _t('AddressForm.CARDNUMBER')),
                new DropdownField('CardExpiryMonth', _t('AddressForm.CARDMONTH', 'Expiry Month'), $months),
                new DropdownField('CardExpiryYear', _t('AddressForm.CARDYEAR', 'Expiry Year'), $years)