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Can I add functions to Image class using DataObjectDecorator?

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8 October 2010 at 1:37pm


I've previously extended Image using this method but it seems to cause headaches - I think because it changes the class in the File table from 'Image' to 'Page_Image'. I end up with broken/missing images if images are used in different ways throughout the site - i.e. used as a standard 'Image' in page content and a 'Page_Image' elsewhere.

I would like to keep all the images using the standard 'Image' class but allow some custom resizing functions to be called on any image - so in the template something like '$Image.ZoomedImage' which returns my image with custom gd functions applied.

Is this possible perhaps using a DataObjectDecorator? I played around with it but I just can't work it out - if anyone can help me out I'd be really grateful!


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8 October 2010 at 2:52pm

Hi JonoM,

yes you can add function by a decorator.

you need to do a few things...

in _config.php:

DataObject::add_extension('Image', 'MyImage');

then create the decorator:

class MyImage extends DataObjectDecorator {
	function extraStatics() {
		return array(
			'db' => array(),
			'has_one' => array()
	function MyImageFunc(){
		// do something here ...

then you can call the functions in the decorator

hope it helps



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8 October 2010 at 5:53pm

Thanks Carlos,

That's basically what I tried - so here's what I have in CustomImage.php:

class CustomImage extends DataObjectDecorator {
  function generateZoomedImage($gd) {
    $height = $gd->getHeight();
    $width = $gd->getWidth();
    if ($height > 600 || $width > 600) return $gd->resizeRatio(600,600);
    else return $gd;

But if I then call say $Photo.ZoomedImage in a template where $Photo is an image object I don't get any output... any ideas?


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26 January 2011 at 5:12am

Hi JonoM,

you unfortunately need two functions Foo() and generateFoo() inside the decorator, because the base class doesn't seem to be aware of the decorated functions:

    function generateWebsiteThumbnail($gd) {
        return $gd->resizeRatio(150,150);

    function WebsiteThumbnail() {
        return $this->owner->getFormattedImage('WebsiteThumbnail');

I guess it's a bug but for now this hack should do.

As you can see in sapphire/core/Object.php the function getAllMethodNames() has a parameter $custom which is default set to false. So image class isn't aware of the decorated functions. You could try to set getAllMethodNames(true) in sapphire/model/Image.php (untested), this would do the trick with only one function.