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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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Can i use my own template/design layout

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5 January 2011 at 12:59am

Just wondering, is it possible to use my old design that’s within PHP and CSS, the main page is HTML Formatted but saved as page.php and has some includes I use. But I really don’t want to be having to redesign this. I’ll be happy to just leave it and run no CMS until a rebuild is needed. But that’s not going to happen for 2 years.

Also how would I go around that if lets say i have a team member wanting to write a new article, which is within a new page set in blog/new_atrical.php and use the already designed article page, how its set with the current CSS Text layout and div layout. The wrapper div and the main page div are both set to auto so you can write as much as you want within the page without the text going outside the div area.

Now when someone writes this article, i have already coded the the index.php page within the blog area, which displays all the articles, would then the cms take the title of the page, make it into a link, take some of the text from the article page and then also take the image from the page and resize it so it fits within the image DIV. And the same again and again every time they write a new article.

Also I have on the index main page, first one when you put in my URL I have a section which displays some of the blogs but then once 10 of them are posted it stops. So the main index page isn’t over loaded and scrolls for ever.

But my problem is, it’ll not display all the new ones, only the 10x out of the includes I want it to be able to take the top 10 which are the one items and display it each time there is a new one, so each time new article is posted it’ll post it on the blogs/index.php section and then within the index.php small display section.

Just wondering if this is possible.

I’m sorry if I sound silly or dumb but it’s the first time I’ve looked into a CMS

Ps. I’m happy to donate towards the CMS.

If anyone can link me towards how a CMS Works in-depth or a short idea on what you need to do and how they work would be much appreciated

I hope somewhat you understand what I’m asking for and that I’ve not linked to any part of my website due to advertising and in-case of any rules implied with this website


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5 January 2011 at 1:18am


you can use your template, but with a bit of work you can use it with Silverstripe without problem. Is not a good idea to use a only one page for template, but it's more usable if you create a "master template page" and child templates page to display cms data.
You can read this

If you want help, we are here...



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5 January 2011 at 1:21am

Hello and thank you for the speedie reply.

I understand some editing is needed here, can i ask what is needed? there are 4 main pages that are set designs as such.

What would need editing? changing the includes design or a code like the includes for when editing the design,

Will read more within the link you have submited.


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5 January 2011 at 1:47am

Here are some screen shoots, ill tell you about what i would like the CMS to let me edit, add.

Here are some includes already used

The Red part: This is from the gallery, and all the gallery content for the main index display within the gallery are displayed like this.
The Light Blue part: The light blue is everything inside the blog listings, such as within the blog index
The darker blue: This part is where all our features are kept.

Ok here is the standard page we are using, this is used on everything bar the gallery, the gallery are in thumbles and are opened with the lightbox script.

Apart from the text within this, lets say a feature from the dark blue is submitted then a set image size is used, and normally some added text but not a grate deal, all the text is the same bar the main title, the darker right side colum cant be edited as ill do all the editing for this.

Ok so we was talking about the features, well they sit like this within the features section, they are the same as whats on the index page so editing is made easy and im currently using includes.

Ok heres what the layout is like within the blogs, as you can see the image is small, and to the left, there is a main title which i hope to be the same as the main title on the screen 3. set in blue, the title should be the same on this screen shot as the title on the screen3, and the same on the title of the page, also grab some of the text, not all of it. and if an image is uploaded into this then it posts to the left, otherwise it uses a NO IMAGE.

Now i dont need the CMS to edit any part of the nav bar, links bar top and bottom or other content, just want them to edit the parts seen here within the screen shots, thats all i really need..


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5 January 2011 at 1:55am

Everything is coded in DIVS, And ran by CSS STYLES Such as,

< Div class="Maincontent"> <then the include item> </div>

Such as this, like a normal website would be,

I'm currently looking for the CMS TO allow my members to edit things like this, as i can do all the other coding myself.. just need it to allow me to edit the items already started, add new pages with atricles, or make a feature so upload some photos, which will auto resize them.

I hope you can understand this, if it can work, as ill upload later tonight, and can get the template to work, ill happy donate towards this CMS and do a yearly update.

I want easy edits, but full control over the design, as i currently design everything with code and i enjoy doing so, and having some easy control would make my editors life easyer.

Thanks Again,
Simon Colton


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5 January 2011 at 3:29am


I see your screens. I think that you have to create a page type called HomePage that inherits Page base type. So you create functions into HomePage controller to elaborate your lists.

If you have custom code, that it's used everywhere you need a template into include folder. For that template you can build up a class.


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7 January 2011 at 3:40am

Judging from the screenshots, silverstripe will definitely do what you want it to do. All your functionality can be easily created inside of the silverstripe data model.

For instance, you want the 10 newest blog posts to be displayed on the homepage. Using the blog module, you could create a blog page, and style it to fit your website, not to hard to do after exploring SS for a bit. After that, on your homepage you could use a custom function to retrieve and show only the 10 newest blog posts(again, not very difficult if you spend some time learning SS)

The gallery bit, there just so happens to be a gallery module as well. Again, you could use the gallery module to create a gallery page and use a custom function on your homepage to retrieve and show 3 random images from the gallery or the 3 newest gallery images.

As for your members, i'm a little confused as to what you want them to edit. Are the members going to be users who sign up for your website? or are they going to be more like fellow administrators on the site adding content? This part could be a little tricky, at least for me.

I think the best way for you to find out if SS will work for you is to go through the tutorials so you understand how SS works.