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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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My noob questions

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6 January 2011 at 12:15am

Edited: 06/01/2011 1:13am

Hi there

Totally new to CMS here! Use to work with DW(dreamweaver) for over 5 years now so yes I have problems with SS to understand how it works, my bad luck ugh :)

Having a website with 1000+ pages/ 35+Gb images and in a way the urge to have this all in a CMS gives me the shiver and nightmares already before I start with it, but ok my prob.

#Do I get it totally wrong if I think I will see a list with over 1000 pages if I look in the Page Tree in SS

#Looking (tried it a little) in the Content editor I used the "edit html source" option..ugh..scrolling 2 screens
to the right because this editor seems not work with decent line breaks (max 80 or 100 characters for example)
gives me nightmares if I want(normally do) to edit source code. Is this a setting or is it just the way this editor is?
Are there other(modules) editors for SS?

#Can I import existing website (complete created in DW) into SS, or will it be like ..
create templates,layout,includes and css files and then 50 liter coffee because I have to copy and paste
manuel and afterwards making all corrections by hand?

#All imported files (php/img and so on) go into Upload and "finished" pages will end up in mysite folder I assume.
Can I kill afterwards all inside the Upload folder? or do I miss some and should it stay there?

#Is there a "plug-in" module which allows to work with DW & SS?

To clarify a little, our pages exist in a way out of 5 parts.

Pages build-up like this:
<?php include("/includes/inc_header.php"); ?>
<?php include("/includes/inc_banner.php"); ?>
<?php include ("/includes/inc_alphabet.php"); ?>
The content as it comes here
<?php include ("/includes/inc_footer.php"); ?>

Working with 3 different templates for the content now.
Banner and Content changes, Header/Alphabet & Footer are in a way static.
This way it works completely flawless and fast, but as mentioned above, will this be THE nightmare as it,
or is there a(kinda) easy way to import our site into SilverStripe.

Help/advice appreciated.

Thanks for taking time.


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6 January 2011 at 8:29am

Working with pages might get difficult to work with for so many pages.

You might look into using dataobjects which you manage in ModelAdmin or Data Object Manager.

There is no magic way to import an existing site. But if your existing site is in a DB and you know some PHP, you might be able to automate things somewhat.

You really shouldn't have to work in the code editor in the CMS a lot. Just for touch ups.