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Dynamic "content blocks" possible in SilverStripe?

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29 July 2013 at 4:52pm

Edited: 29/07/2013 4:55pm

Ok I'm pretty new to SilverStripe and came up with own solution for content blocks... I got it working and it works great for me... can someone tell me if there's a better way or if I'm breaking some sort of "best use" practices for SilverStripe... Or if this works well?

Basically in my editor content area I can enter something like $contentblock_41_insert -- I didn't know how to carry over a variable since I want the content area to change on different pages so I embedded the page ID into the variable.. you'll see the "41" there... for page id 41. It has to be in the content area (not on a template) since my clients have to be able to move around content blocks at will. This couldn't be tied to the .ss templates.

So basically I had previously created a page which has the page id 41... now if I create a new page... I simply put in $contentblock_41_insert somewhere on the new page and it pulls in the content from page id 41. But I can use $contentblock_1_insert or $contentblock_5_insert... whatever page exists that I want to pull into a new page and those become the content blocks on the new pages!

Then in the controller (/mysite/code/Page.php) I put this method which is where all the magic occurs. Any advice is appreciated if I'm doing something wrong or inefficient!

function Content() {
	$replace = $this->Content;
	$currentcontent = $replace;
	if (preg_match("/\\\$contentblock/",$currentcontent)) {
		$currentcontent_expl = explode('contentblock_',$currentcontent);
		$numberofelements = count($currentcontent_expl);
		if ($numberofelements > 1) {
			for ($currentcount = 1; $currentcount < $numberofelements; $currentcount++) {
				$contentelement = $currentcontent_expl[$currentcount];
				if (preg_match("/_insert/",$contentelement)) {
					$subcontent_expl = explode("_insert",$contentelement);
					$newcontent = trim($subcontent_expl[0]);
					if ($newcontent) {
						$pullblock_arr[] = $newcontent;
		if ($pullblock_arr) {
			foreach ($pullblock_arr as $val) {
				$usethis = DataObject::get_by_id("Page", $val);
				$usethiscontent = $usethis->Content;
				if (preg_match("/\\\$contentblock_".$val."_insert/",$replace)) {
					$replace = str_replace('$contentblock_'.$val.'_insert', $usethiscontent, $replace); 
	return $replace; 


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29 July 2013 at 6:14pm

This is something that you could use the shortcodes for, it would take care of the replacement for you and be a tiny bit nicer for the cms user.

You could then add a feature to the editor to allow a user to pick a page, rather than find the page ID


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29 July 2013 at 6:20pm

Can you give me example code and how to add it to the editor? I haven't been able to find any good documentation so specific code examples would help greatly. I couldn't find a solution that's why I went the route I did but would like a cleaner solution if you have one for me!


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30 July 2013 at 12:18pm

Edited: 31/07/2013 7:12am

Ok here is my final solution for "Content Blocks" using short codes from the tutorial you gave me.

I created an .ss file in /themes/sometheme/templates/Includes/ with the following code

<!-- ContentBlockID $ContentBlockID -->
<!-- End ContentBlockID $ContentBlockID -->

Next, I edited /mysite/code/Page.php

class Page extends SiteTree {


	public static function ContentBlockShortCodeHandler($arguments,$caption = null,$parser = null) {
    	if (empty($arguments['id'])) {
    	$customize = array();
    	/*** SET DEFAULTS ***/
    	$customize['ContentBlockID'] = $arguments['id'];
    	$usethis = DataObject::get_by_id("Page", $arguments['id']);
    	$usethiscontent = $usethis->Content;
    	$customize['ContentBlockContent'] = $usethiscontent;
    	$customize = array_merge($customize,$arguments);
    	//get our ContentBlock template
    	$template = new SSViewer('ContentBlock');
    	//return the customized template
    	return $template->process(new ArrayData($customize));

Then I edited the _config.php... I added this code to /mysite/_config.php


then in the editor to call the Content Block (which is just a regular page in SS) by it's ID I put the shortcode inside the HTML whereever I want

[ContentBlock id=91]

Lastly I did the /dev/build?flush=all in the URL to register everything.

Please let me know if I'm doing something inefficiently or if this is ok? It works for me!

Nobrainer Web

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21 January 2014 at 7:52am

For someone who might come across this post, i just wanted to link my module - SilverStripe Sections - the module does pretty much what is asked of here. The module is for SS 3.1.2.

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