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SOLVED 3.1 GridField_FormAction confirmation before delete

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2 March 2014 at 12:55am


Have a new form action button which does a calculated delete, and I need an "are you sure" before running.
Is there an agreed way to do this ?



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2 March 2014 at 12:55pm

SOLVED - I added a MyModelAdmin init function which required some JS in which I copied an action function from gridfield,js and added the test there.

.... easy when you know how !!!!!


Forum Moderator, 267 Posts

2 March 2014 at 1:14pm

Would be useful if you can show the actual code here too for others attempting the same :)

Also if you can can add [solved] to the initial forum post it help people find it while searching... just some friendly pointers to help fellow developers.


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2 March 2014 at 9:51pm

Edited: 03/03/2014 10:19am

Ok sorry - thought a description would suffice....

Steps to implement this:-

a) get config and add component using an extension


class MyModelAdminExtension extends Extension {

	function updateEditForm(&$form)
		$f = $form->Fields()->fieldByName('ComingSoonItem'); // this is the DataObject name managed in MyAdmin.php
		// as MyAdmin manages more than one oage I need to be sure am on right page
		// so add try to add component if field exists 
		if ($f) $f->getConfig()->addComponent(new GridFieldBigDelButton('before'));


b) then turn extension on in config.yaml

    - MyModelAdminExtension

c) Write the new component added in a) - I started off with a copy of GridFieldExportgButton.php and amended the action handler
(Sorry can't give you the actual delete routine as it's sensitive ... but it does nothing clever - just deletes some rows in the gridfield

public function getHTMLFragments($gridField) {
		$button = new GridField_FormAction(
			$gridField, //grid on the form
			'DelHist', //name 
			'Delete Historic', //title
			'delhistaction', //action name
		$button->setAttribute('data-icon', 'delhistoric');
// add my special class here 
		return array(
			$this->targetFragment => '<p class="grid-delH-button">' . $button->Field() . '</p>',

	public function getActions($gridField) {
		return array('delhistaction');

	public function handleAction(GridField $gridField, $actionName, $arguments, $data) {
		if($actionName == 'delhistaction') {
			return $this->handleBigDelete($gridField);

d) Add an init function for js require to myadmin.php

class MyAdmin extends ModelAdmin {
  private static $managed_models = array('ComingSoonItem','ServiceTypeItem'); 
  private static $url_segment = 'comingsoon'; 
  private static $menu_title = 'Manage coming Svcs';

public function init()


e) write the js file for d) - this is a copy of the no-ajax one from gridfield.js

// to add a confirm to delete button
		$.entwine('ss', function($) {
onclick: function(e){
				if(!confirm('Are you sure you want to delete ALL old records')) {
					return false;
				} else {
			}		});



f) That should be enough to get you started ....