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Mollom has killed the comments page in every SS site

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Bruce B

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12 August 2009 at 12:08pm

I have loaded mollom-trunk-r84152 on SS 2.3.3 and ran some tests with normal page comments.

The page loaded OK and accepted a 'normal' comment correctly. On the local test site, a spam comment generated a CAPTCHA including audio.

On the live site, a normal comment was OK but spam triggered a CAPTCHA with broken links for the image and audio. I'll continue to investigate.


Community Member, 56 Posts

18 August 2009 at 8:27pm

Have the same issue, but I'm in development process and trying to use/test mollom locally ( lighttpd with INTERNET access )
So I have blank pages even with newest mollom-trunk revision. Is it possible to use mollom locally with local domain page?


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20 August 2009 at 10:32pm

Mollom died on me again today at 3 sites, but a different problem this time. One of the Mollom servers is returning a curl error code 7 (connect fail) which is not being handled gracefully by Mollom.php.

I've attached a simple patch over on trac that makes it fail gracefully on _all_ curl errors until the server list runs out, but I'm beginning to think that the whole library needs replacing.



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21 August 2009 at 12:26pm

Thanks for the patch, will review and commit the fixes into the module as soon as possible.

but I'm beginning to think that the whole library needs replacing.

Well the library that is bundled is the main PHP library for mollom so this issue is effecting everyone I am guessing who uses that file. I think if you email the author of the library with the issues then he might be able to provide the required updates.

Rewriting the library sounds like reinventing the wheel but I am happy to help out if anyone would like to start from scratch (or base it off the PHP Mollom one) We have already modded it quite a bit it might be cleaner if we had our 'own' mollom integration.


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21 August 2009 at 8:38pm

Edited: 21/08/2009 8:39pm

I agree that reinventing the wheel is not a good idea, but the way in which this library is written and has had to be integrated into SilverStripe does feel a bit awkward. Both Drupal and WordPress appear to have written their libs from scratch (at least they don't seem to be using the "standard" lib), and the Zend module looks a lot better:

To quote the author:

"The entire API of PHP Mollom consists of static methods. Object instances are not used. This is generally considered to be bad object-oriented design."

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