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CMS and image issues

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14 August 2009 at 6:10pm

Read a few posts on this topic and didn't see anything like my issue:

Installed 2.3.3 on OSX (non-MAMP)

Install goes fine, but when I want to add an image in the CMS and select the Uploads folder, I get the following error message:

ERROR [Warning]: Parameter 1 to Hierarchy::loadDescendantIDListInto() expected to be a reference, value given IN GET /~dogknob/sstest/admin/EditorToolbar/ImageForm?action_callfieldmethod=1&fieldName=Image&ajax=1&methodName=getimages&folderID=1&searchText=undefined&cacheKillerDate=1250229576705&cacheKillerRand=5302 Line 525 in /Users/DogKnob/Sites/sstest/sapphire/core/Object.php Source ====== 516: if(isset(self::$extra_methods[$this->class][$method])) { 517: $config = self::$extra_methods[$this->class][$method]; 518: 519: switch(true) { 520: case isset($config['property']) : 521: $obj = $config['index'] !== null ? 522: $this->{$config['property']}[$config['index']] : 523: $this->{$config['property']}; 524: * 525: if($obj) return call_user_func_array(array($obj, $method), $arguments); 526: 527: if($this->destroyed) { 528: throw new Exception ( 529: "Object->__call(): attempt to call $method on a destroyed $this->class object" 530: ); 531: } else {

call_user_func_array(Array,Array) line 525 of Object.php Object->__call(loadDescendantIDListInto,Array) Image->loadDescendantIDListInto(Array) line 357 of Hierarchy.php Hierarchy->loadDescendantIDListInto(Array) line 342 of Hierarchy.php Hierarchy->getDescendantIDList(Folder) call_user_func_array(Array,Array) line 525 of Object.php Object->__call(getDescendantIDList,Array) Folder->getDescendantIDList(Folder) line 47 of ThumbnailStripField.php ThumbnailStripField->getimages() line 963 of Form.php Form->callfieldmethod(Array,Form,HTTPRequest) line 246 of Form.php Form->httpSubmission(HTTPRequest) line 129 of RequestHandler.php RequestHandler->handleRequest(HTTPRequest) line 143 of RequestHandler.php RequestHandler->handleRequest(HTTPRequest) line 143 of RequestHandler.php RequestHandler->handleRequest(HTTPRequest) line 122 of Controller.php Controller->handleRequest(HTTPRequest) line 277 of Director.php Director::handleRequest(HTTPRequest,Session) line 121 of Director.php Director::direct(/admin/EditorToolbar/ImageForm) line 118 of main.php

One of the SS developers on the IRC channel had me change a line in Hierarchy.php, but that resulted in a fatal error instead of a warning.

I can find my uploaded image if I search for the filename and add the image to the page, but what's up with this warning when I try to open the Uploads folder?


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27 March 2010 at 4:33am

Anyone on this one. I am getting the same thing now and then. 2.3.3 FF

I have over written the files and got it to work again, but now I have over written my files but still getting the same error.

Please advise!
Thank you,
Steve Nyhof