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Suspended forum accounts (with suspicious/spammy activity)

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Forum Moderator, 1391 Posts

18 June 2012 at 4:47am

I'll try and look into it tomorrow. Never used/installed the forum module myself, but unless someone who's more familiar with it wants to take this... :)

Isaac Salt

Community Member, 3 Posts

18 June 2012 at 8:53am

Hi martimiz,

I was looking for the reply this morning and found the post was deleted!
I've just emailed you so it'd be great to get your reply, I could re-post the question and solution.

I'm a bit of newbie here so I'm not sure about getting a post "un-deleted".



Forum Moderator, 5523 Posts

20 June 2012 at 3:16pm

Once a post is deleted it's gone burger. Like Ingo said, should have a confirmation screen. Patches welcome!


Forum Moderator, 1899 Posts

16 October 2012 at 5:23pm

Hi guys,

came across a bunch of spam (through someone spamming this thread of all things!) - not a moderator of payment gateways so couldn't blast this post...

anyone want to remove it?


Forum Moderator, 1899 Posts

22 January 2013 at 5:51am

Spam has been on the rise these last months - any chance of adding email verification to new members?


Forum Moderator, 801 Posts

22 January 2013 at 6:29am

Edited: 22/01/2013 6:30am

That's unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future, at least as far as the core team resourcing is concerned - we're already scrambling to find time for pull requests and 3.1. But the forum module is open source, and there's already email-related modules out there - so you can help by either implementing the feature, or stitching the relevant bits together, and it will get us a lot closer to that goal.
I'd like to take to occasion and say a big THANK YOU to all of our forum moderators though.


Forum Moderator, 1391 Posts

31 January 2013 at 4:56am

Sometimes I think there are poor souls all over the world painstakingly entering these spams for a couple of cts, since it is always just a few at the time... In that case emailverification wouldn't be of much help :(

Just removed another 20 or so from different 'users' scattered all over the forums, posted a couple of hours ago (sigh). Couldn't we do something against posts that have, say, more then 4 consequent links? Grrrr



Forum Moderator, 1899 Posts

31 January 2013 at 5:15am

I know!

I'm tempted to write an improvement to the forum so that one click will nuke the entire posting history - might need a double confirm for that - but it would speed up the process as it is rare that there is only one spam message per user.