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Supported Modules Definition

Supported by an active open source community, Silverstripe modules extend Silverstripe CMS, providing additional functionality such as blogging, user customisable forms, workflow, and lots more.

Supported Modules take this one step further. By having the backing of Silverstripe Ltd, there is a dedicated team of developers actively maintaining Silverstripe Supported Modules.

As well as having the advantages of being open source, community projects, Supported Modules have:

By using Supported Modules, agencies and developers can build projects with confidence, knowing these modules have been tested and have the backing of Silverstripe Ltd.

Developers are encouraged to use Community Supported Modules alongside Silverstripe Supported Modules. Many of these modules are very high quality and provide functionality not available in the Silverstripe Supported Modules sub-set.

Module Standard 1.0

The Silverstripe module standard defines a set of conventions that high-quality Silverstripe modules should follow. It’s a bit like PSR for Silverstripe CMS.

The Module Standard is part of the Silverstripe Framework docs and thereby hosted on Suggested improvements can be raised as pull requests.

Coding Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines

Documentation will use the following format:

Documentation will cover:

Supporting Tools

The following supporting tools will be configured and maintained:

Module scores on

The Silverstripe CMS catalogue of modules contains a simple scoring indicator on some of the more objective aspects of the Module Standard. We make use of a scoring API that analyses Silverstripe modules and provides a set of weighted scores.

This gives module maintainers an indication of where targeted improvements could be made and, for developers selecting modules, a way to make an informed decision.

Score indicators


Green is meeting 70+% of the standard as measured by the API.

 ModuleRatingSystem AboveAvg

Half green represents the module scores above the overall community average score and below 70%.

ModuleRatingSystem BelowAvg

Grey indicates the module scores below community average score. 

An example of a score indicator looks like this:

module score

Module score weightings

module score weightingsAn example of a breakdown of scoring details for a module looks like this:

module score detailsThis would indicate that, to gain further score, the maintainer could add a "" file explaining how they would like to accept contributions to the module or any other aspects indicated as not present.


Silverstripe Commercial Module Support

In addition to adhering to the Module Standard, the modules supported by Silverstripe Ltd will do the following

Maintenance Expectations



Defect resolution:

New features:


Dependency Management

Dependencies of supported modules aren’t necessarily supported themselves, but they need to meet these criteria (“Supported Module Dependencies”).

We don’t commit to preserving the full functionality or public API of the dependency in future releases, and may replace with alternatives.


Hosting environment

Release cadence

Refer to the Major Release Policy and Minor Release Policy for information about our release cadence for supported modules.