SilverStripe best seller on within two weeks

Posted by Sigurd on 8 March 2009

Just days after the book's launch, the 450-page German SilverStripe book now has a bestseller status on!

It is currently near the top of the CMS bestsellers, as well as doing well in its 'parent' categories: web design, programming & webdesign, and computing & internet.

It is very exciting to see this many people went off to buy SilverStripe from since it launched. We look forward to a flurry of growth, awesome websites, and contributions from Germany!


Screenshot from showing best-seller status




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  • very nice post thanks!

    Posted by Creative Services, 5 years ago

  • very nice post thanks!!! i really like the info on it

    Posted by Buy Propecia, 5 years ago

  • Sold out!

    Posted by SEO, 5 years ago

  • dizzystuff, English version earmarked for later in 2009. Subscribe to this blog and you'll learn as soon as we do! :)

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • When will we see an English version?! Please?!!

    Posted by dizzystuff, 5 years ago

  • The book has sold out on Amazon now! :)

    You may may still order it through Amazon but it will take extra days to fulfill, or get it direct from publisher -

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • I want the Spanish one! ;)

    Posted by isaac, 5 years ago

  • And good to see that the high sales are not due to being cheap - the Joomla books are all cheaper! The book is showing genuine demand.

    Posted by David, 5 years ago

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