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Searching SilverStripe issues just got a lot easier

We've made reporting new bugs and tracking down existing bugs easier! Using a custom search interface, you can now report and search for bugs across all supported SilverStripe modules. 

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SilverStripe is a modular system and has become even more composable through the recipes approach in SilverStripe 4.x. Overall, SilverStripe Ltd. has over 90 supported modules, each with its own code repository on GitHub. Since each module has its own bugtracker, it can become unwieldy to track down existing bugs, or report new bugs—you need to know where to look first.

We’re making this easier through a custom search interface across all supported modules:

This interface is intended to be used both by developers with very specific technical issues (e.g. the searchable_fields configuration entry), and website owners who might not be sure what the exact search term is (e.g. searching for broken links as a topic).

SilverStripe GitHub Issues page

It has a few features which are designed to encourage more involvement in the discussions which shape the SilverStripe product: filter by user experience related issues, or find all Request-for-Comment (RFC) proposals. There’s also a filter for good first issues, which can help you get started with contributing back. You can also use all the advanced search filters from the GitHub API, for example “label:type/bug label:impact/high”.

Update: As of 25 July 2019, you can now also filter by Bugs.  

Technical background: it’s a Vue.js project using GitHub’s GraphQL API. The app is deployed as a serverless application via Zeit Now (check it out, it’ll blow your mind). It’s open sourced at’re welcome to contribute!

Thanks to @timkung, @adunn49, and @robbieaverill for contributing, to @clarkepaul and @newleeland for design, and to SilverStripe Ltd. for enabling this project through its monthly Hackday for all staff members.


About the author
Ingo Schommer

Ingo joined SilverStripe with its 2.0 release, and has since become an integral member of the development team. He's from Germany, but admits that New Zealand beer is often quite tasty as well.

At SilverStripe, Ingo enjoys coming up with robust solutions for real business needs. He builds modern web applications, making sure they work well in browsers and mobile devices, not just on paper. As a core developer on SilverStripe's open source framework, he facilitates community involvement, and helps architect and implement core functionality. Ingo authored the first book about SilverStripe, and is still keen on keeping the documentation fresh.

Ingo graduated as Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Production and has several years experience as a freelance PHP and Flash developer.

Away from the keyboard, Ingo is an avid gardener, debugging water flow and performance optimizing root growth instead of PHP.

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  • Uhh, looks very good :)

    Posted by Benny, 15/05/2019 12:23am (5 years ago)

  • Great idea! Looking forward to trying this out.

    Posted by Jono, 13/04/2019 5:55am (5 years ago)

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