Posted by Sigurd on 3 April 2009

It took two years to reach 100,000 downloads, but less than six months to reach an all-time total of 150,000!

In recent weeks we've produced SilverStripe v2.3.0 and v2.3.1, releases that have seen attention from Slashdot, Ajaxian, and a multitude of CMS industry websites like CMSReport. Consequently, we've seen a rush of people downloading and installing our software and, wonderfully, joining our community and producing amazing websites!

We're also pleased that heaps of people are trying out the Microsoft Web Platform Installer to install SilverStripe on Windows: about 45% of our downloads so far in April are using this, so we're seeing real demand for this.

(Note: The 150,000 figure was determined by counting downloads from the main SilverStripe website. It excludes downloads of dailybuilds, subversion, or from external websites like Sourceforge. It also excludes the tens of thousands of copies that have been bundled on magazine cover discs and with the SilverStripe book.)

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  • Update on downloads please??

    Posted by Phone Snoop, 5 years ago

  • Awesome work guys! Well done and bring on 200K in the next 3 months I say.

    Posted by Simon Slade, 5 years ago

  • Great news! I have thoroughly enjoyed using and deploying SilverStripe. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Bullet Boy, 5 years ago

  • Just keep on enhancing the features,, we are loving the simplicity to the codes.. surely this flat form can be the next big thing for open source...

    Posted by Pahn, 5 years ago

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