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SilverStripe from a ruby on rails developer perspective

Posted by Amie Parker on 11 April 2014

SilverStripe from a ruby on rails developer perspectiveI have been learning to code for a few years now, just in bits and pieces, through university classes, events, and self-study (mostly online). I feel comfortable writing HTML and CSS, and have been working on learning how to make complete web applications, using Ruby on Rails and dabbling in SQL and C#. I’ve also played around with other languages online including PHP so I was quite excited about the opportunity to learn some SilverStripe, to see what it is like and what it’s great for, and to start building some cool things!

The first thing I really started to notice about SilverStripe is how similar it is to rails, which made me happy because I love rails, and it’s what I have the most experience with. SilverStripe is a framework just like rails, except that instead of being based on Ruby, it is a framework for PHP. Both use the MVC structure and I found that the SilverStripe structure sort of made sense to me after doing some work with rails. It was great to start working in a project and already have a feel for where different parts of the code go, and what different folders might be designed for.

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SilverStripe 3.0.10 and 3.1.4 Security Release Candidates

Posted by Damian Mooyman on 2 April 2014

Update 9 April 2014: Stable version of 3.1.4 and 3.0.10 are now avilable from our downloads.

Out now are two new release candidates for users to try out. 3.0.10-rc1 and 3.1.4-rc1 each contain recent patches to combat recently discovered security issues, which you can read more about on our security releases page. While these are not critical issues, it’s still important to be aware of changes that could affect you or users of your website.

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AngularJS powered by SilverStripe

Posted by David Craig on 31 March 2014

angularjs and silverstripeMy recent blog post on Backbone unit testing mentioned AngularJS, as being one of the more popular emerging JavaScript frameworks. A common use case for AngularJS is filtering lists of data such as products. I’ve put together an example application which creates a simple product catalogue and more importantly highlights the concept of AngularJS and SilverStripe working together.

On the client-side we have a simple AngularJS application. This manipulates product data and handles user interactions. On the backend, we’ve got a SilverStripe ModelAdmin, Controller, and a custom page type. These are all brought together with AngularJS enhanced SilverStripe templates.

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Pagetypeitis and dependancy injection: Wellington meetup videos are up

Posted by Cam Findlay on 18 March 2014

wellington community meetupVideos from the March 5th, 2014 Wellington SilverStripe developer community meetups are up on our vimeo video knowldge-base, well worth a watch!
Since the talks got a bit technical, it will be good to rewatch (if you came along that night) and absorb the material again. Check them out for the first time if you didn't make it (or are on the other side of the globe). Ingo's and Stig's presentation slides are also available.

Slides: Ingo Schommer - Pagetypeitis: Antipatterns and solutions for SilverStripe page types

Slides: Stig Lindqvist - Dependancy Injection

Check out the videos...

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What does the SilverStripe community have in common with ancient civilisations of the Andes? Beer and reciprocity!

Posted by Carlos Cordero on 12 March 2014

noun [ mass noun ] the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one country or organisation to another.

We have a ritual in the Andean countries of Latin America which is quite similar in form and purpose to something that happens at our SilverStripe meetups; the partaking of fermented beverages (beer, wine, something stronger). In the Andes our fermented beverage of choice is "chicha".

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SilverStripe 3.1.3 release candidates

Posted by Cam Findlay on 28 February 2014

UPDATE (3/3/2014): SilverStripe 3.1.3 and 3.0.9 stable are out now!

We are heading ever closer to an official SilverStripe 3.1.3 stable release. Yay!
As the release process goes we have recently rolled out release candidates rc1 and rc2 for you to download and try out. The release candidate process gives us a change to stablise the codebase, fix any obvious (or not so obvious) bugs and generally ensure that by the time the next stable version is available you can be sure that deploying it on your websites is a painless as possible.

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Quick Tips: Allowing extra tags and attributes in the rich text editor

Posted by Cam Findlay on 14 February 2014

Sometimes you just need to embed something quickly in SilverStripe CMS's rich text content (depending on what you are trying to do a shortcode might be a better option!). By default SilverStripe makes a valiant effort to ensure content in this field in the CMS is cleaned up and does not contain any nasties that might break your page or even worse, allow chunks of javascript to be pasted and executed where they shouldn't be (they are better off being dealt with via the Requirements functionality - javascript is not content!).

Certain tags are stripped out when saving in the rich text field, this can pose a problem in some cases. For example embedding a video in the rich text editor that has markup containing VideoObject schema meta data to help search engines better index videos content.

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Improving SilverStripe performance

Posted by Simon Welsh on 4 February 2014

It's well known that out of the box Content Management Systems (CMS) are often not the most high performance of systems. A vanilla installation of SilverStripe is no exception. Luckily, there are some useful tactics you can use to improve performance of your SilverStripe websites. This involves some built in features of SilverStripe itself, along with some infrastructural considerations. It all depends on your customer needs and the level of performance you require.

Move off shared hosting

Make your SilverStripe website fasterVery few shared hosting providers are able to cope with the requirements of a high performing SilverStripe site (or any standard CMS usually). This is because they can have hundreds if not thousands of other websites all running on the same server. This leaves very few resources and will affect your site performance once the traffic builds up. Simply moving to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) will greatly benefit your site. Personally, I tend to use RimuHosting (for New Zealand sites) though pretty much any decent host will do.

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FocusPoint: Smarter Image Cropping for SilverStripe

Posted by Jonathon Menz on 31 January 2014

Image cropping in SilverStripe is pretty minimalistic. You don't crop images at all inside the CMS, you can however crop images in the SilverStripe template engine. As a SilverStripe template designer you can use the $CroppedImage(width,height) tag (among other image resizing methods) to ensure that your beautiful design isn't ruined by an image that is too tall or wide for a particular purpose or UI.

That's great, but the challenge is that content authors have no control over how these images are cropped. When they select an image in the CMS, $CroppedImage trims it evenly starting from the centre of the image outwards, and the subject of the image can often be clipped or lost completely if your image composition is off-centre as you can see below.

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Auckland January office warming meetup - SwipeStripe ecommerce and getting involved in open source

Posted by Cam Findlay on 22 January 2014

SilverStripe Auckland MeetupAnother successful SilverStripe Meetup was held at the new SilverStripe Auckland, New Zealand offices last week (15th Jan 2014). An office warming party! There was a great turn out with SilverStripe developer regulars, new faces and those interested to learn more about our SilverStripe open-source project. Following the usual format we had a couple of speakers share their SilverStripe knowledge (including myself) and as always we captured the knowledge in full audio-visual awesomeness.

So if you didn't end up making it along, or you are perhaps based overseas... fear not, we have you covered, read on.

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