SilverStripe Blog - Launch coming up 18th Sept - Important information.

Posted by Cam Findlay on 15 September 2014

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago the launch of the new website is upon us. I'm excited to announce that on the 18th of September we'll be doing the final migration of content and pressing the go live button.

There will likely be some down time while this process occurs so please make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook channels on the day to get the latest information and status updates as we run through our launch process.

A maintenance page is due to go up on the current website around noon on the 18th September (NZST) with links to commonly used SilverStripe community sites available during this time.

Other than that, see you on the other side of launch with an all new, fresh face for the SilverStripe community.

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Register for the SilverStripe Europe Meetup and Workshops - 3-4 Oct

Posted by Zauberfisch, Anselm Christophersen, and Simon Erkelens on 15 September 2014

Whether you're just interested in SilverStripe or have already fallen in love with it we've got an event for you coming up very soon in Europe that you absolutely can't miss!

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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Shaunak Kashyap and John-Daniel Trask

Posted by Michael Andrewartha and Russell Michell on 5 September 2014

Our final installment of speaker highlights has SilverStripe's UX Developer Michael Andrewartha sharing insights from Rackspace's Shaunak Kashkap. This is followed by Senior Developer Russell Michell's highlights from John-Daniel Trask's talk on elastic search

 Highlights from Shaunak Kashkap - The Good, the bad and the ugly of working remotely

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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Hamish Friedlander and Yusuke Ando

Posted by Cam Findlay / Jeffery Guo on 4 September 2014

Today SilverStripe's Community Awesomeness Manager, Cam Findlay shares insights from NZ PHP Conference speaker and SilverStripe CTO Hamish Freidlander's presentation "Grown Up PHP". This is followed by insights from Yusuke Ando's talk on "Testing your PHP application with Selenium on Travis CI" shared by SilverStripe's test analyst Jeffrey Guo

5 Highlights - Hamish Friedlander - Grown Up PHP

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Not long to go! relaunch on the horizon

Posted by Cam Findlay on 3 September 2014

The wait for the new site is nearly over! 

The SilverStripe team have been busy working on a redevelopment of the website. The time is fast approaching for the launch so we thought we would give you a heads up on a few things to be aware of.

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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Nate Abele and Chris Pitt

Posted by Ingo Schommer / Ed Linklater on 3 September 2014

Today we have highlights from two more NZ PHP Conference speakers. SilverStripe's Solutions Architect Ingo Schommer shares his highlights from Nate Abele's talk on Hypermedia APIs and developer Ed Linklater shares his highlights from Chris Pitt's presentation on Asynchronous PHP.  

6 Highlights from Nate Abele - Designing Hypermedia APIs with PHP 

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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Dave Clark & Thiago Almeida

Posted by Elliot Sawyer on 2 September 2014

Today SilverStripe developer Elliot Sawyer shares his highlights from two NZ PHP Conference speakers - Dave Clark and Thiago Almeida

 5 Highlights from Dave Clark on Rapid API development with Apigility 

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NZ PHP Conference - Highlights from Rasmus Lerdorf - Coding & Dreaming

Posted by Matt Peel on 1 September 2014

It was fitting that the speaker chosen to kick off the first ever New Zealand PHP Conference was Rasmus Lerdorf. Rasmus is known for having gotten the PHP project off the ground in 1995 and has contributed to a number of other open source projects over the years. He was an infrastructure architect at Yahoo! for more than 7 years and joined Etsy in 2012. Rasmus's presentation covered an interesting background to how PHP evolved from a templating system into a coding language as well as insights into the greater purpose his role at Esty provides. 

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NZ PHP Conference - Photo Highlights

Posted by Nicole Williams on 1 September 2014

Last week Wellington welcomed New Zealand's first ever PHP Conference and a host of amazing speaker's from around the globe. An informal welcome event was hosted at the SilverStripe Head Office the night before the conference kicked off. It was a great chance to meet with the speakers and to show them a taste of Wellington hospitality. 

Photo Gallery by

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Version number change for Translatable module

Posted by Damian Mooyman on 27 August 2014

A short notice for users of the Translatable module. 

If you are using the translatable module version 1.1 in your projects via the composer dependancy management tool, you will need to update the requirements to version 2.0 in order to continue to receive future updates.

For example, in your composer.json file change the required version to correctly pull the 2.0 version.

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