Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 5 August 2009

Today we hit a really cool download milestone that illustrates the growing interest in SilverStripe! We'd like to thank everyone who has discovered SilverStripe and help spread the word — it is thanks to you that we've now reached the 200,000 mark!

(Statisticians note: The download figure was determined by counting downloads from the main SilverStripe website. It excludes downloads of daily builds, subversion, or from external websites like SourceForge. It also excludes the tens of thousands of copies that have been bundled on magazine cover discs and with the German SilverStripe book. And downloads of SilverStripe modules, themes, widgets, etc, are also excluded from this figure, as you should expect.)

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  • Well done guys! What's the next milestone? 500,000?

    Posted by Richard Johnson, 5 years ago

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