Choosing an open source CMS, confidently

Posted by Sigurd on 26 May 2009

There's finally a book available that educates people on how to appropriately choose an open source CMS.

Nirav Mehta's Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's Guide reviews about a dozen open source CMS packages; read the table of the contents to see what they are. The table of contents also outlines how the book covers the topic of choosing the right software, be your project a website, blog, wiki, or something else.

Several pages in Mehta's book positively review SilverStripe, with comments like:

When you see it, you will be impressed. When you try the demo, you will be further impressed ... Anyone can get started with SilverStripe in minutes ... the bottom line is, evaluate SilverStripe before you take your decision."

Book cover for Choosing an Open Source CMS

Up to this point there have only been scattered resources on offer to help people choose a CMS. Mehta's book remedies this problem by providing a solid starting point. Armed with a comprehensive set of the basics, readers can more confidently download, demo, and evaluate the software out there, and complete their decision-making process.

Just to note: we had no influence over our inclusion in the book—we only learnt that SilverStripe was featured in the book after it became available for purchase.

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  • Thanks for pointing out this book.

    I have only heard good things about Silverstripe and am tempted to give it a try.

    I will also be having a look at Wordpress.

    Posted by Keith D, 5 years ago

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