Unafraid of XHTML, CSS, and PNGs? Then we'd love your creative input. Here's how you can help.

Least time

Spread the word. If you think SilverStripe is great, tell your friends and colleagues, and blog about us.

Leave the SilverStripe footer at the bottom of your site.

Spend some time finding out how to design SilverStripe Themes—you'll find more info in the Knowledge Base.

More time

Create your own theme. Whether it's customising an existing theme or creating one from scratch—when you create your own theme you have much greater control over the look and feel of your site. Even better, you'll also gain deeper knowledge about SilverStripe.

Listed below are some places you'll find useful when starting to design your theme.

Most time

Once you've had a go at creating your own theme, share your knowledge. Ways to share include:

Showcase your project in the Community Showcase.

Answer questions from designers in the Forums.

Chat on our IRC Channel.

Improve the Knowledge Base: Create How-Tos for other designers.

Helpful places


Want to know more about the company that brought you SilverStripe? Then check out

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