You've developed in PHP before—but you're not sure where to start with SilverStripe. Whether you're testing the waters or have projects under your belt already, there's lots of ways you can contribute.

Least Time

Showcase your projects in the Community Showcase.

Spread the word. If you think SilverStripe is great, tell your friend and colleagues and blog about us.

Spend some time in the Knowledge Base to find out how to develop with SilverStripe.

More Time

Help answer questions on the Forums where people discuss all things SilverStripe.

Report bugs in our releases and submit enhancement ideas.

Build a small widget for people to drop into their websites.

Translate SilverStripe and its modules into another language.

Keep existing translations up to date and peer-reviewed.

Most Time

Test our daily builds and report bugs in the SilverStripe codebase.

Help others on our IRC Channel.

Share the lessons you've learned: Write How-tos for other developers in the Knowledge Base.

Build and maintain a module to extend SilverStripe functionality.

Helpful places


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