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Posted by Sigurd Magnusson on 3 August 2009

Packtpub 2009 CMS Awards LogoToday the world's major open source CMS awards opened for 2009. Run by the UK publisher PacktPub, these annual awards provide a $24,000 prize pool and exposure to winning CMS projects. Winning helps to fund new features in our software, and helps us grow our developer and user community.

We'd love your support, by...

  • Nominating SilverStripe for the awards, now.
    You can nominate from now until September 11. You may both:
    Nominate us for Best Overall Open Source CMS.
    Nominate us for Best Open Source PHP CMS Award.
    The rules allow you to nominate SilverStripe in both of these two categories.
  • Voting for us, soon. The most nominated projects are presented to the public as finalists to vote on. Assuming we get enough votes to be a finalist, you can vote for us from late September until the end of October. A category winner is selected by a judging panel.
  • Spreading the word! Tell others to nominate now, and later vote, as described above. You can share the following banner to help with this:
    Nominate your favour CMS now! Banner image for 2009 Packtpub Awards

Apple iPod NanoWin an Apple iPod Nano or Touch for helping out

By nominating or voting for your favourite CMS, you go into a draw to win Apple gear. Three people from the nomination phase will be drawn by PacktPub to win an 8GB iPod Nano, and three people from the voting phase will get an 8GB iPod Touch!

Which categories are SilverStripe eligible for?

SilverStripe is written in PHP, and so is eligible for the hotly contested 'Best PHP' category. SilverStripe is also eligible for the 'Overall' category, which for the first time is no longer open to previous winners (Drupal and Joomla).

SilverStripe is not eligible for the 'Other' category, which refers to non-PHP applications. SilverStripe is no longer applicable for the 'Most Promising' category, because our project was launched prior to the category's two-year limit. Finally, SilverStripe is not eligible in this year's Hall of Fame award.

SilverStripe's history in the awards

  • 2007: Finalist in  'Most Promising' category, when the project had been public for less than a year. We received the greatest number of community votes in the category.
  • 2008: Winner 'Most Promising' category. See comments from the judging panel.

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  • I've been emailed to inform that you can now add ?cms=SilverStripe to the URLs where you nominate, to preselect SilverStripe in the dropdown. The links above now reflect this :)

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • The best CMS I have used an deployed for getting the job done quickly.

    Posted by Adam Stead -, 5 years ago

  • Cheers Lamin! Your support is most appreciated :)

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 5 years ago

  • You guys have earned my votes. keep on rocking on. :D

    Posted by Lamin Barrow, 5 years ago

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