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Posted by Julian Meadow on 14 July 2011

In order for websites to remain relevant and useful, we believe it's important to usability test them on a regular basis. We don't only recommend this to our clients, but we practice it too.

It's been just over a year since we redesigned and the best way to check whether it's meeting the goals of our users is to usability test it. We're planning to do this over the next couple of months, initially via a short questionnaire and then with face-to-face interviews in Wellington.

In late July we'll be asking interested users the reasons why they visit both and and for details of what they're looking for when they're there. In August we'll be inviting test users to come into the SilverStripe office in Wellington, where we'll run through a series of scenarios to test how they navigate through our sites, and we'll then explore areas that could be improved.

After collating and reviewing all the results we're hoping to better understand exactly what our users (you guys!) want from our sites and how they should be structured to make them as user-friendly as possible.

We're interested in talking with a range of users, including developers, designers and clients. If you're keen on participating then please contact Julian (J) Meadow, our resident usability testing expert, and he'll send you more details. Those that participate in both stages will be rewarded with an iTunes or book voucher.

Of course, anytime you have feedback on our sites you are always more than welcome to let us know by filling in a feedback form, which can be accessed via the the footer on both sites. We really appreciate your comments, so keep them coming!

We'll keep you posted on progress over the next couple of months.

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  • I think it is very important to provide usability tests on websites. A website needs to work properly for the audience it is geared to. We have found ways to improve our websites by performing usability tests.

    Posted by Indianapolis Web Design, 3 years ago

  • I would love to help test your silverstripe sites. I think it is a fantastic idea to have test users to come into the SilverStripe office in Wellington. I am always fond of people who use beta testers. Will your series of scenarios include websites that are hosted on various cloud servers?

    Posted by private cloud, 3 years ago

  • @ James: Cheers! Please contact J at and he'll give you more details.

    Posted by Kirsten Moodie, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • I'm willing to give you a hand.

    Posted by James Pluck, 3 years ago @papabearnz

  • @Grandpa Simpson

    Uh sure, we'll be in touch...

    Posted by SilverStripe, 3 years ago @silverstripe

  • I am old and crusty and I hate everything plus I use Netscape 3. Let me know if I can shake my fist at anything.

    Posted by Grandpa Simpson, 3 years ago

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