March 1: Wellington SilverStripe hackathon

Posted by Sigurd on 2 February 2009

On the first Sunday of each month, Wellington hosts a geek get-together at the Southern Cross bar called SuperHappyDevHouse.

We've been invited to be the theme for their March event. We're planning to show people how to use our ModelAdmin feature to quickly build administration interfaces, and give pointers on how to contribute to our open source project. If you've got a pet bug or feature, you might even be able to bribe us to solve it with a beer!

We'd love to see web developers both experienced and fresh to our software. Bring your laptop so you can code with us.

SuperHappyDevHouse Aotearoa Logo

While we would love you to be a part of the SilverStripe theme, SuperHappyDevHouse is a general and informal geek gathering, so you are welcome to work on other coding projects—for instance you might find an erlang or iPhone coder present!

To RSVP, please register on the SuperHappyDevHouse site and then edit the March 2009 page saying your name and what you'd like to do on the day. The purpose of SuperHappyDevHouse is participation rather than just attendance, and we would love you to learn or produce something while there!

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  • came to the party late, looks like i missed it

    Posted by Dave, 5 years ago

  • You can also an additional place to RSVP and see who is coming, at Facebook:

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 6 years ago

  • Will be great to see this shared content.

    Posted by Dmitry Belitsky, 6 years ago

  • Good

    Posted by Dipak, 6 years ago

  • Chris, perhaps you can make it to our San Francisco talk? (See other recent blog post.)

    We will try and archive the talk. Not sure if this will be in wiki, slideshare, youtube format, but I agree we want to be able to share the content!

    Posted by Sigurd Magnusson, 6 years ago

  • Any chance we can get the ModelAdmin demo videoed? I am an aspiring SS developer in Oz so can't make it to the night. I'd love to see how to use ModelAdmin via a demo like this!


    Posted by Adam, 6 years ago

  • I'd love to make it as well, but it's a long trip from the US. the topic sounds really interesting, and I'd love to be able to watch it online.. any plans to put this on the youtube channel?

    Posted by Chris, 6 years ago

  • Whilst I can't make it to the March 1 event, I'm really interested in seeing some examples of the new ModelAdmin in action. Are you going to make the examples available for download?

    Posted by Mat Weir, 6 years ago

  • I've RSVPed. I'm planning on updating my widgets for 2.3. Or at least get started on it :)

    Posted by Simon, 6 years ago

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